How to Refresh Your Bathroom This Spring

March 29th, 2016 in All About Blinds

Spring is the perfect time to give those unloved spaces a refresh. With new born lambs and blooming meadows, we like to get in sync with nature.

It’s time to tackle the bathroom.

Whether it’s just a new lick of paint, re-grouting the tiles or a full remodel, we think the bathroom is going to be the next big thing on people’s lists. According to a survey, 34% of renovations in 2014 were in the living rooms and 33% were kitchens, and the next important space has to be the bathroom, surely?

But when it comes to those finishing touches, we’re here to help with window dressings for every shape, size and layout.

The Wet Room

Wetrooms seem to have a sleek and sophisticated feel to them these days. Floor to ceiling slate tiles, pristine metallic bars and handles, and plenty of light. So you need a material that will resonate that luxury at your windows too. After all, there’s nothing sophisticated about neighbours catching a peep whilst you’re using the bathroom.

The aluminium slats of a venetian blind bring the perfect feeling to the space, plus with a whole rainbow to choose from, creating the mood that’s just right for you couldn’t be easier. They’re waterproof, won’t rust and put you in control of your privacy and the light too.

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Next To The Window

If making the most of your space means putting the bath, shower or even sink right by the window then you’ll have to make sure that the area can withstand the splishes and splashes, and that includes your window dressing.

Our Ocean collection of roller blinds are all made of 100% waterproof PVC, come with the sturdy rust-resistant roller tube and have smooth surfaces, making them easy to wipe clean. We’ve even made it one of our most fun ranges, with super cute designs and patterns to choose from, as well as your favourites.

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Open and Airy

The final bathroom makeover we’re predicting is the return of the traditional, but with a modern twist. We’re talking big, open spaces, freestanding baths, with a stool slash table to stack your books and floating sink.

And of course, with such a beautifully airy space, it’s best to take advantage and let the light flow through and fill every corner of the bathroom. But with the bathroom presenting a challenging environment, you also need something that can hold its cool.

Our Wood Impression blinds have been a stylish choice for many bathrooms and they were just made to withstand the conditions! Especially the crisp white ones. They accentuate the airiness and look incredibly clean. The darker shades are great for creating somewhere snug and moody too.

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