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What Are The Best Blinds For Bedrooms?


Best Blinds for Bedrooms

From modern and contemporary to cosy and tranquil, there are countless blinds you can explore to pair with your bedroom interior scheme.

It’s not just style you’ll need to look for either. You’ll also want the best blinds for blocking out light to help you get a perfect night’s sleep, every time. Here are some of our picks for the best bedroom blinds alongside the top features you should be looking out for.  

Top features to look out for with Bedroom Blinds: 

  • Lining typesBlinds made from fabric rather than metal or wood usually come with a variety of lining options to suit different purposes. If you have a street-facing bedroom with bright lamp posts outside your home, a Blackout Blind lining prevents light pollution from seeping through the fabric, retaining your privacy when the blind is lowered. If you’re looking to improve energy efficiency, a Thermal Blind will help keep your room insulated all year round 
  • Electric functionality – Electric Blinds allow you to automate raising and lowering your blinds at set times, which is extremely beneficial for letting the early morning sunlight into your room when waking up or for blocking out the light when you’re going to sleep 
  • Colours and patterns – The colours and patterns you choose can drastically affect the overall appearance of your bedroom. From geometrics and stripes to floral patterns, you’ll want to find a design that enhances the overall aesthetic of your interior scheme 

Ikat Damask Blue Roman Blind

Ikat Damask Blue Roman Blind

Roman Blinds for Bedrooms 

Made from luxury soft fabric and oozing sophistication at every turn, Roman Blinds are perhaps the most suitable type of blind for a bedroom window. Incredibly versatile and available in a plethora of patterns and colours, they blend style and practicality effortlessly, especially when paired with a blackout lining or a thermal interlining.  

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Roman Blinds for a Bedroom? 

  • Fitting Roman Blinds inside or outside the recess – Both fitting options come with their own benefits. With an inside fitting, you’ll be able to keep candles, diffusers and other decorations on full display, even when your blinds are fully closed. Whereas with an outside fitting, less light will seep through the sides of your Roman Blind as the width will cover your window space from wall to wall 
  • Layering Roman Blinds with Curtains – Layering a Roman Blind with a Curtain in your bedroom is a great way of bringing depth into your interior scheme, especially with their contrasting textures and fabrics 

Sanderson Tiger Stripe Blush Roman Blind

Sanderson Tiger Stripe Blush Roman Blind

Roller Blinds for Bedrooms 

Minimalist in design and available in an array of choice of patterns and colours, it’s no wonder why Roller Blinds are so popular in bedrooms. They’re also cost effective in comparison to a Roman Blind, rolling into a fitted tube instead of gathering into neat pleats when raised.

With your choice of a blackout, thermal or light filtering lining, you won’t be compromising on practicality for your bedroom either, helping you shade your bedroom to your requirements. 

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Roller Blinds for a Bedroom? 

  • No Drill Roller Blinds – Blinds 2go also offer No Drill Roller Blinds, featuring a drill-free frame or a twist-in-place mechanism that will allow you to install your blinds in as easy as 1,2,3 
  • Double Roller Blinds – Designed for large windowsills in your bedroom, Double Roller Blinds feature a magic screen and a blackout roller on a single fitting to offer a view to the outside and improved privacy 

Ombre Heather Roller Blind

Ombre Heather Roller Blind

Shutter Blinds for Bedrooms

Plantation Shutters aren’t just for kitchens; they’re also perfect for bedroom windows too! Similar to Venetian Blinds and Wooden Blinds, they feature horizontal slats that rotate up and down, but they also have a robust outside frame that adds a timeless statement particularly in large spaces such as a bedroom bay window.

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Shutters for a Bedroom?

  • Colour – There’s a variety of colours you can choose from to pair with your interior scheme – whether you’re adding a contemporary vibe with a grey Shutter Blind or a dash of brightness with a white Shutter Blind, we have it all.
  • No Drill options – Our No Drill Shutter Blinds feature a PerfectFIT frame that clips directly to your uPVC windows for fast installation, meaning you can enjoy the benefits our Shutter Blinds have to offer in moments!

PerfectFIT Cool White Shutter Blind

PerfectFIT Cool White Shutter Blind

Venetian Blinds for Bedrooms 

Venetian Blinds for bedroom windows are a great choice, with rotating, horizontal slats that allow you to deflect light out of your room with ease. Made from durable aluminium, wood, PVC and bamboo, they create a focal point in any bedroom, whether you choose a versatile, minimalist shade or a vibrant colour. 

Whilst they’re not completely blackout due to the spacing between the slats, Venetian Blinds offer enough shading to stop bright daylight seeping through and are great for protecting your privacy, even when the blinds are half opened. 

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Venetian Blinds for a Bedroom? 

  • Metal, PVC or wooden – If you’re looking for a cool, shiny aesthetic, metal Venetian Blinds work wonders in contemporary bedrooms. Whereas if you’re adding to traditional décor, real and faux Wooden Blinds will give your bedroom an authentic, timeless aesthetic 

Woodgrain Beech Venetian Blind

Woodgrain Beech Venetian Blind

TotalShade Pleated Blinds for Bedrooms

Our new TotalShade Blackout Pleated Blinds offer the ultimate in shading, helping you completely block out the light coming into your bedroom by combining our smart DuoShade fabric with an integrated frame. They also assist with reducing outside noise, making these the perfect solution for street-facing bedrooms.  

With aluminium-lined honeycomb pockets too, our TotalShade Blinds help you improve your energy efficiency, keeping your space feeling cool in summer and warm in winter. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your bedroom, explore our blinds buyer’s guides today.

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