Light Up Your Room


We love something a little different and a little quirky when it comes to decor. Illuminated signs are a great way to add a little fun and funk to your home and you don’t even necessarily need to use them as a main light source- they can just be used […]

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How To Clean Your Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds colour spectrum

It’s safe to say that we’ve heard a few horror stories in our time here in regards to vertical blinds- it seems that they strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned cleaners. From the lady who rolled the louvres and popped them inside socks to protect them […]

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Blinds 2go on Pinterest


We’re just going to throw this right out here – we’re kind of addicted to Pinterest. We don’t think we’re the only ones though- Pinterest has taken off and is right up there with Facebook and Twitter as one of the most popular social networking sites around.       […]

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Lovely Linens


Are you wanting to give your home a little rustic charm? Well you’re in luck- we’ve just stocked a new selection of lovely linens, available in a range of cool, contemporary colours and designs! Even better? They’re available right across our range, so if you’re after a roman blind to give your […]

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How To Clean Your Wooden Blinds


We realise that it is a little late for spring cleaning but that’s no excuse to let your home fall victim to the dreaded dust over the summer! We posted a video earlier this year about cleaning your faux-wood blinds (you can check that out here if you need a […]

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Get Organised – Hidden Book Storage


When it comes to making a beautiful home, you always have to find a balance between practicality and making it look beautiful. When it comes to storage, such a balance can be pretty tricky to strike. This neat little trick that we’ve found fits the bill perfectly, allowing to store […]

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Get Organised – Store Your Shoes

Pile of various female shoes isolated over white, with clipping path

If I’m honest, buying shoes is definitely one of my vices. I don’t care that I can only wear two at a time, I still need a huge selection to choose from! The main problem I find with my shoes is finding somewhere to keep them. We have a dedicated […]

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Brighten Up Your Summer With Up To 30% Off!


Are you after a blind to brighten up your window this summer? Now is the perfect time to take a look at our latest hot offer! We’re offering up to an amazing 30% off selected blinds that all have one thing in common – their bright and bold colours! From quirky […]

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Get Organised – Make Up Madness


There’s nothing worse than rummaging through your make up bag, looking for that specific lipstick and not being able to find it anywhere. It’s not in your handbag, it’s not in your room… It’s just disappeared! Even worse are those times when you need that certain shade of eyeshadow that […]

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Get Organised- Cable Clutter


This weekend, I discovered that my filing system needed a little work. I’ve always thought I was quite an organised individual… Then I realised that I lived in organised chaos- I knew exacly where everything was… But nobody else did! This led to me perusing the internet to find some helpful […]

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