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What are the Best Blinds for Doors?


What are the Best Blinds for Doors?

If you’re after inspiration for updating your BiFold, patio or french doors, we have you covered. It can be tricky to find the right blinds that fit your type of door, so it’s important you look for a design that allows you to create a beautiful statement while offering the practical benefits of light control, privacy and a perfect fit at your window. Explore our recommendations below.

What are the Best Blinds For French Doors?

French doors are window-like doors with glass panes extending for most of the length, allowing an unobstructed view of your garden or patio, and open using the two handles in the centre. Here are some of our ideas for your next set of French Door Blinds:

PerfectFIT Thermal Blinds

Specially designed for uPVC windows, PerfectFIT Thermal Blinds provide sleek style, easy no drill installation, and help regulate the temperature inside your home. Their integrated frame installs directly onto the glass of your french doors, with brackets that sit in each corner between the glass and rubber beading. They’re also easy to operate, replacing pull cords with a tab mechanism at the bottom to prevent any loose cords from tangling. 

Thermal Blinds for french doors come in a DuoLight fabric that helps to prevent sun glare whilst still allowing a warm glow of light into your space, or a DuoShade fabric for blackout shading that stops the light in its tracks. With a free-floating design for customisable shading, insulating benefits and a unique, contemporary design, what’s not to love?

DuoLight PerfectFIT Ash Grey Thermal Blind
DuoLight PerfectFIT Ash Grey Thermal Blind for French Doors

EasiFIT Blinds

EasiFIT Blinds clip directly onto your uPVC windows and doors without the integrated frame unlike our PerfectFIT Thermal Blinds. They also allow you to adjust the blind freely across your door window via handles on the top and bottom of the blind, offering versatile shading and privacy. 

Made from a pleated fabric with honeycomb pockets, they help trap the heat at your window, perfect for conservatory french doors. Plus, you can choose between DuoShade or DuoLight finishes for added blackout or light filtering lining. From a range of light and dark shades to something in between, we have a French Door Blind that’s suited for every interior scheme.

EasiFIT DuoShade Crackle Fog Thermal Blind for French Doors
DuoShade EasiFIT Crackle Fog Thermal Blind for French Doors

What are the Best Blinds For Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors have a unique, concertina style opening that allows you to fold the glass panes against each other to connect the inside of your home to the outside world. You’ll want a blind that’s both slimline and cordless to prevent the material or loose wires getting in the way of opening and closing your doors. Here are some ideas for your next set of Bifold Door Blinds:

ClickFIT Pleated Blinds

ClickFIT Duo Pleated Blinds are made from a thermal fabric that helps you keep cool in summer and warm in winter. With cordless operation, a sleek design and your choice of a blackout or light filtering fabric, they combine functionality and style effortlessly.

ClickFIT Pleated Blinds for BiFold Doors are also toolless, allowing you to install your blinds hassle-free and in a moment’s notice. Browse our collections of ClickFIT Pleated Blinds.

DuoLuxe Anthracite ClickFIT Pleated Blind
DuoLuxe Anthracite ClickFIT Pleated Blind for Bifold Doors

Bifold Day & Night Blinds

Day and Night Blinds for Bifold Doors allow you to enjoy blackout shading and gently filtered light in a single fitting. One half sheer and the other half opaque, this means you can keep your space feeling bright and airy during the day while benefiting from complete privacy at night. Similar to our ClickFIT Pleated Blinds, our Bifold Day and Night Blinds are made from thermal fabric that gathers into neat pleats when raised, ideal for any season. 

Our collection features a host of neutral colourways that blend with any interior scheme too, so you can transform your Bifold doors into a true focal point.

Night & Day Duo Snowdrift Blind for Bifold Doors
Night & Day Duo Snowdrift Pleated Blind for Bifold Doors

Bifold Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds for Bifold Doors offer contemporary charm in any setting, with robust slats that help you deflect the light in and out of your rooms. Replacing traditional cords with a discrete control wheel, they help avoid trip hazards, ideal for homes with small children or pets. 

Our collection also features a range of matte and gloss finishes alongside a beautiful array of colours, plus, with no drill brackets that clip into your window, they’re ever so easy to install. While Venetian styles won’t offer blackout shading like our DuoShade Pleated Blinds for Bifold Doors, they still grant the privacy you need if your home is overlooked by neighbouring houses, and offer a wealth of style.

ClickFIT Venetian Stone BiFold Blind
ClickFIT Stone Venetian Blind for Bifold Doors

Find out more recommendations for the best bifold door Blinds.

What are the Best Blinds for Patio Doors?

Patio doors, also known as sliding doors, feature glass panes that open and close by pushing one part across a track along the wall so one sits directly in front of the other. As this leaves minimal space between each glass pane, we recommend a blind that sits in front of your sliding door instead of a style that clips directly to your window. Here are some of our sliding door blinds ideas:

Vertical Blinds

If you have a recess, try Vertical Blinds for patio doors. Whilst they’re not drill-free like our other recommendations for door blinds, they have large fabric louvres that help you deflect bright sunlight – even in large patio windows. Plus, as they glide to a neat stack at the side of your, they’re a great choice for ensuring your doors remain completely unobstructed!

Vertical Blinds also come with your choice of shading. From Privacy Sheers that allow gentle hues of light to enter your space and Blackout Vertical Blinds that helps you stop light in its tracks to Thermal Vertical Blinds, it’s no wonder why they’re a popular option for patio doors.

Lucia Flint Sheer Vertical Blind for Patio Doors
Lucia Flint Vertical Blind

Enjoy Day & Night Roller Blinds

Enjoy Day & Night Roller Blinds feature alternating horizontal strips of voile and opaque fabric that allow sunlight in and out of your space depending on their alignment. Providing a unique twist on a traditional Roller Blind, they can also be raised completely for an unobstructed view of the outside and lowered to protect your privacy. Learn more about the benefits of Day & Night Blinds in our buyers guide.

Panel Blinds

If you love the look of Vertical Blinds for sliding doors, Panel Blinds offer even more contemporary sophistication to your space. Featuring wider strips of fabric than traditional Vertical Blinds, they simply slide across a track to provide easy access to your garden. With both light filtering and blackout styles in a variety of plains and textures, they’re perfect for the modern home.

Moda Warm Grey Panel Blind
Moda Warm Grey Panel Blind

Patio Door Curtains 

Did you know that Curtains work wonders in patio doors too? Curtains add personality, charm and even boost your privacy when paired alongside the right type of blind. While we wouldn’t recommend one for a kitchen patio door, a Curtain in your living room or dining room patio door offers an ever so luxurious touch.

Madagascar Voile Curtains