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How To Clean BiFold Blinds

An easy and practical solution for aluminium BiFold doors, our range of ClickFIT Blinds do just what they say on the box; they click right into place on your doors without any drilling. Coming in both pleated and Venetian styles, they’re just as easy to clean as they are to install!

How to Clean BiFold ClickFIT Pleated Blinds

BiFold ClickFIT Voile Blush Pink Pleated Blind
BiFold ClickFIT Voile Blush Pink Pleated Blind


Regularly removing any build-up of dust is the best way to ensure your BiFold ClickFIT Pleated Blinds stay looking fresh. Either gently brush down the fabric with a feather duster – or use the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum – just make sure you don’t press against the pleats too hard to avoid ripping the fabric.

Tackling Marks and Stains

If the dust is a little stubborn, you might need something a little tougher than a vacuum. you can use a damp sponge- damp, not wet – dipped in lukewarm water to wipe across the pleats. Try not to use any fabric conditioner on the blinds as it can stain, and always remember to work from the top to make sure you don’t accidentally give yourself twice as much work!

Remove the blind from the window so you don’t have to stretch to get to the top. Gently pat any marks away (only rubbing them very gently where necessary!), and rehang the blind when it’s completely dry – patting it down with a towel can speed this along – and your blind should be as good as new!

How to Clean BiFold ClickFIT Venetian Blinds

BiFold Gloss White Venetian
BiFold Gloss White Venetian


BiFold ClickFIT Venetian Blinds, like their standard fitting counterparts, are an absolute dream to clean.

If there’s minimal dust on the slats, use a feather duster to brush over the top and bottom of each one. For a quickeecleaning experience, try popping a sock on your hand (the fluffier the better!), tilt the slats closed, and wipe your hand across the slats! Start from the centre, moving outward on both sides to prevent dust from resettling. Then, reverse the slat tilt and repeat the process.

Tackling Marks and Stains

Biodegradable baby wipes are a great way to remove any marks that have built up on the slats over time.

If the marks are a little more stubborn, grab some warm soapy water and a brush. Give any stains a gentle scrub with the brush, take the blind down from the window for easier access. Finally, grab a damp cloth to wipe any suds away, and a fresh towel to pat the blind as dry as possible before rehanging.

bifold blinds

And that’s it, your BiFold Blinds should be as good as new! Have any questions that aren’t answered here? Contact our friendly customer service team for all of the tricks of the trade to keep your window coverings in tip-top shape.

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