How To Clean Faux Wood Blinds

December 16th, 2020 in All About Blinds

There’s so much to love about our faux wooden blinds. They’re stylish, timeless, will look great in any room they’re placed and most of all, they are easy to maintain. 

Thankfully, cleaning faux wooden blinds is a quick and easy task and they only need a little care now and again to keep them looking their best. 

The great news is that faux wooden blinds can cope with the most challenging environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, so they’re strong, durable and waterproof, while also being resistant to marks and scratches. All of these practical elements make them a smart and popular choice for the home and being easy to clean makes them even better too. 

Dusting Faux Wood Blinds

Cleaning faux wood blinds is a dream, as the high-quality material makes it simple. If you’ve noticed dust collecting on the slats, then a wipe over with a dry cloth or feather duster is all you need to make them look all shiny and new again. If you have a blind with tapes, simply run a vacuum cleaner over them to freshen them up.

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds 

For marks and stains that are slightly more stubborn, we advise you to use lukewarm water and a cloth with a small amount of detergent and give them a good wipe over. Once your blind is looking as good as new again, use a dry cloth to gently pat the slats and remove any excess water. For a faux wood blind with tapes, these are just as easy to manage, as the tapes require the same treatment to remove marks – just warm soapy water and a light wipe down.

Our Wood Impression Blinds are an ideal solution for the home and perfect if you love the look of natural wood, but with minimal maintenance. 

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