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How To Clean Roman Blinds

Ever a popular choice for your home, our made-to-measure Roman Blinds are one of the best-selling ranges that we have to offer. With an array of bright colours, rich fabrics, quirky patterns and fabulous textures, it’s easy to see why everyone loves them!

But what happens when your blind starts looking like it could do with a little TLC? What’s the best way to clean it up so it looks like new again? No need to panic, we have the answers on how to keep your Roman Blinds looking as good as new.

Emma Bridgewater Wildflower Walks Lavender Roman Blind

How to Dust Roman Blinds

If there’s a build-up of fluff and dust on the fabric, you can use an upholstery attachment on your hoover to gently dust it down. Be gentle and don’t press too hard on the fabric to avoid damaging it.

How to Remove Stains from Roman Blinds

For any small marks on the fabric, you can wipe them clean using a damp cloth. However, take the fabric of your blind into consideration – we wouldn’t recommend trying this on silk or linen fabrics. To ensure that the material isn’t damaged, always use a mix of warm, soapy water – or gentle detergent if you prefer – and make sure to wring out the cloth between strokes to avoid watermarks. Your clean Roman Blinds can then hang open at the window to dry.

Dry Cleaning

The best way to keep your Roman blinds fresh is to have them professionally dry-cleaned – this guarantees that you won’t cause any damage to them. Always check with the dry-cleaner that they are able to clean the material your blinds are made from. This is especially applicable for any silk or linen fabrics; they are dry-clean only and shouldn’t be spot-cleaned at all. The fabric is connected to the headrail using a velcro strip so it can be easily removed for professional cleaning.

Scion Lionel Pacific Roman Blind

And there you have it, now your Roman Blinds are looking as good as new! Got any questions that we didn’t answer here? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team who know all the tricks of the trade. For more information about cleaning other styles of blinds, check out our full guide.