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How To Clean Pleated Blinds


How to Clean Pleated Blinds

Regardless of whether your Pleated Blinds are of the standard window blind variety or the Conservatory Blind variety, they’ll still need a good clean every now and then. We’ve put together this helpful guide for you, to show you how to clean all kinds of Pleated Blinds!

Double DuoShade Ivory Thermal Blind


Regularly removing any build-up of dust is the best way to ensure your Pleated Blinds look fresh for years. We’d recommend either gently brushing down the fabric with a feather duster or using the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum – just make sure you don’t press against the pleats too hard otherwise you run the risk of wrinkling or ripping the fabric.

Tackling Marks and Stains

If the dust is a bit stubborn, you might need something a little tougher than a vacuum. You can use a damp sponge- damp, not wet – dipped in lukewarm water to wipe across the pleats. Try not to use any fabric conditioner on the blinds as the material can stain and always remember to work from the top to make sure that you don’t accidentally give yourself twice as much work!

If your blind has suffered a few mishaps and picked up any stains – from splashes of food or drink to oily fingerprints – then warm water and a soft cloth will do the trick. In this instance, it might be easier to remove the blind from the window so you can lay it out and reach it with ease. You can rehang the blind when it’s completely dry – try patting it down with a towel to speed the process along a little.

BiFold ClickFIT Silver Grey Pleated Blind

And that’s all it takes! Once your blinds are cleaned and looking good as new, we would recommend that you slip them into your cleaning routine- wiping them down with a micro-fibre towel or getting the vacuum on them should do the job nicely.

For cleaning tips on other types of blinds, see our full guide to cleaning your blinds. Got any questions that we haven’t answered here? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team who are on hand to help!