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A Buyers Guide For Venetian Blinds


What are Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are perfect for creating a statement in any window, with a range of colourways and finishes to choose from. In our buyers guide to Venetian Blinds, find out the top benefits of Venetian Blinds, the best rooms for them in terms of functionality and style plus more. 

What Are Venetian Blinds? 

Venetian Blinds consist of aluminium horizontal slats that rotate up or down via a twistable rod, providing privacy and customised light control throughout the day. They can also be raised or lowered by a cord on the other side of the Blind, with an integrated, lock-in-place mechanism hidden within the headrail to ensure the slats stay raised.

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

  • They’re perfect for retaining your privacy while allowing sunlight to enter your room 
  • They’re easy to raise to gain an unobstructed view to the outside 
  • Their highly durable aluminium slats will help protect your windows against all elements in your room, from spills and cooking grease in your kitchen to splashes in your bathroom 
  • They’re highly versatile with their minimalist aesthetic and are available in a variety of colours to suit almost any interior scheme 
  • Available with No Drill options for fast, effortless installation 

Woodgrain Beech Venetian Blind

Woodgrain Beech Venetian Blind

Best Rooms for Venetian Blinds? 

  • Kitchens – Venetian Blinds will help deflect sunlight and protect your windows from any moisture or grease caused by your washing or cooking areas 
  • Bathrooms – If your bathroom is overlooked by other windows, Venetian Blinds will help retain your privacy especially when they’re rotated closed. You can also easily raise the blinds to avoid excessive water damage, ideal for windows around the shower 
  • Living rooms – Venetian Blinds look ever so contemporary and stylish in living rooms. Plus, they’re great for reducing sun glare for when you’re watching TV and offering the privacy you need  

Are Venetian Blinds Blackout? 

Venetian Blinds aren’t blackout because of the gaps between the horizontal slats that cause light to seep through. However, if you’re looking to diffuse light at varying angles, they offer better versatility than a fabric Blind that only raises or lowers such as a Roman Blind. 

Additional Features and Functionalities 

  • No Drill Venetian Blinds – If you’re looking to install Venetian Blinds without damaging your walls, Blinds 2go™ offer No Drill Venetian Blinds, featuring a mechanism inside the headrail that clicks into place seamlessly between your window recess, meaning you’ll have them up in no time! There are also PerfectFIT Venetian Blinds, clipping effortlessly to your uPVC windows
  • Matt and Gloss Venetian Blinds – Matt finishes on Venetian Blinds are ideal for neutral and natural interior schemes where you want to keep a relaxing, tranquil vibe. Whereas Gloss Venetian Blinds allow light to dance off their shiny surface, working wonders in vibrant schemes

Slate Grey Venetian Blind

Essence Slate Grey Venetian Blind

How to Clean Venetian Blinds? 

To clean Venetian Blinds, start by using a dry cloth or feather duster and wipe each horizontal slat from the centre of the Blind outwards to the side. Or, if you’re trying to remove grease and tougher stains from Venetian Blinds, you can either follow the same process with a biodegradable baby wipe or you can use a damp cloth with warm soapy water and leave the affected area to dry.  

Are Venetian Blinds Suitable for BiFold Doors?

While traditional Venetian Blinds aren’t suitable for BiFold Doors due to their concertina style opening, we offer BiFold Venetian Blinds that replace the brackets with ones that click in place directly to your uPVC Door and aluminium frame. Explore our collection of Venetian BiFold Door Blinds.

How to Measure for Venetian Blinds?  

Here’s how to measure for each type of Venetian Blind: 

  • Traditional Venetian Blinds – Traditional Venetian Blinds can fit inside and outside the recess. For a recess fitting, measure the full width and height of the full recess and we’ll make the deductions for you if you choose one of our Venetian Blinds. Or for an outside fitting, measure the sides of your recess and add an additional 70mm to the top and 50mm to each side
  • Click2Go No Drill Venetian Blinds – Our Click2Go No Drill Venetian Blinds are designed to be fitted inside your recess, so, like measuring for traditional Venetian Blinds, follow the same steps as a recess fitting  
  • PerfectFIT No Drill Venetian Blinds – To measure for our PerfectFIT Venetian Blinds, measure the visible glass area of each uPVC windowpane. These should be measured individually as they’re not always the same size! 

Explore our Venetian Blind measuring guide.

PerfectFIT Matt White Venetian Blind

PerfectFIT Matt White Venetian Blind

How to Fit Venetian Blinds? 

Installing your Venetian Blinds can be a daunting prospect at first as you’ll want a great fit for your windows. However, we’ll provide you with the reassurance you need so you can have your Venetian Blinds up in no time.  

From installing traditional brackets to your walls to installing No Drill Venetian Blinds, we provide easy to follow step-by-steps in our handy fitting guides that come with your Blinds.   

Can Venetian Blinds Be Made to Measure? 

Yes, Venetian Blinds can be made to measure to guarantee a great fit for your windows. This results in less light seepage through the sides of the Blind in comparison to a ready made Venetian Blind, leading to improved privacy and light control from any window. 

Woodgrain Walnut Venetian Blind

Woodgrain Walnut Venetian Blind

  • White Venetian Blinds – White Venetian Blinds do an excellent job at brightening up your windows, with gloss and matt white styles that blend with modern and traditional décor  
  • Black Venetian Blinds – Black Venetian Blinds are perfect for adding depth and boldness to your space, matching contemporary interior schemes 
  • Grey & Silver Venetian Blinds – With its versatile nature, a grey Venetian Blind is sure to add a statement to your windows. From light and dark shades to everything in-between, grey Venetian Blinds can complement every interior scheme 

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