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What Are the Best Blinds for Bathrooms?

Best Blinds for Bathrooms

Practicality is key in bathrooms as your Blinds face a constant battle with steam, condensation, and humidity. In this article, we’ve compiled our top tips for choosing the best Blinds for bathrooms based on the questions we receive, and the features you should be looking out for. 

Are Wooden Blinds Suitable for Bathrooms? 

Whilst Real Wooden Blinds such as Bamboo Blinds are best avoided in damp or humid environments as it can stain, warp and even twist over time, there are some fabulous and realistic-looking Faux Wood Blinds suitable for bathrooms. Made from durable, easy-to-clean PVC, you’ll be able to simply wipe them down with a cloth without worrying about moisture damage. 

Obsidian Faux Wood Blind

What’s The Best Fabric for a Bathroom Blind? 

The best fabrics for bathroom Blinds are PVC and polyester due to their water-resistant qualities, such as certain types of Roller Blinds, Shutter Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds. Better still, many of our most popular designs are available on a polyester fabric, including our Scion, Sanderson and Harlequin ranges.

Just as real woods aren’t the most suitable for a bathroom, there are a few other fabric options that should be avoided too, such as cotton, linen and silk. The moisture can get caught in the fibres, and the results aren’t very pretty, this includes mould building up as well as the fabric fraying if they’re not properly maintained.  

Should I Choose Blinds Over Curtains in a Bathroom? 

Blinds are just so much more practical, and more often than not, they’re made from fabric that can be wiped down without having to remove it. We feel like we’re pointing out the obvious here, but there’s a reason you never really see Curtains in the bathroom. 

Are Roller Blinds Suitable for Bathrooms? 

Yes, Roller Blinds are suitable for bathrooms, with a range of waterproof Roller Blinds available that can handle splashes whether they’re raised or lowered. We love using them to create a statement piece or accent colour in an otherwise plain room. You can also add character with a range of beautiful floral, geometric, and striped patterns to turn your bathroom windows into a stunning focal point at every turn! 

If you’re looking for additional privacy, Double Roller Blinds feature a blackout and magic screen Blind in a singular fitting for the best of privacy at night and precise light control throughout the day.  

Clarissa Hulse Watercolour Stripe Teal Roller Blind

Which Blinds Are Best for Direct Sunlight? 

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds are a great choice if your bathroom has bright light coming through the window. The rotating slats are excellent at directing away sunlight yet still allowing light to gently filter into the room when opened. Venetian Blinds are guaranteed to suit your bathroom windows regardless of how tall or short they are. 

Are Day and Night Blinds Suitable for Bathrooms? 

Day and Night Blinds are a great choice for bathrooms as they consist of horizontal strips of opaque and transparent fabric that block the view to the outside or light to flood into your space when they’re aligned.

If your bathroom is overlooked by other windows and you don’t want to completely shade the whole of the window, you can easily adjust the light filtering into the bathroom by moving the strips through their precision side winder control. 

Are There Other Waterproof Blinds I Should Consider? 

Our range of Shutter Blinds also work wonders in bathrooms, as they’re made from an advanced polymer that doesn’t warp, shrink or crack under the pressures of humidity. With their rotatable slats and outside frame, privacy and light control aren’t an issue.

Especially suitable for bathrooms with tall windows due to their outside frame that prevents light seepage in comparison to other types of Blinds, there’s also no drill options that clip directly to your uPVC windows, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of versatile shading in moments! 

San Jose Brilliant White Shutter Blinds

Does Blinds 2go Have 100% Waterproof Blinds? 

Blinds 2go have a fantastic selection of waterproof bathroom Blinds, protecting your windows from excess water next to your shower. Our Ocean Waterproof Roller Blinds feature a whole array of on-trend patterns, all designed with your bathroom in mind. Think painterly stripes, boats, bubbles, or almost anything nautical to elevate your windows – we really do have it all! 

Which Blinds Are Best for Keeping the Light Out? 

For the ultimate in privacy, choose a Blackout Blind. Hundreds of our Roller Blinds are suitable for bathrooms, have the option of a blackout lining, and are an excellent decorative choice with a plethora of patterned designs to choose from.  

Are Blinds in Bathrooms Better Inside or Outside the Recess? 

We would recommend fitting your Blinds between your recess in your bathroom. Not only will this make your window area feel spacious, but it’ll also allow you to keep decorative pieces such as ornaments and reed diffusers on display even when the Blind is lowered.  

Palermo Warm White Roller Blind

For more information, check out our guide to Bathroom Blinds.