How To Clean Your Wooden Blinds

July 13th, 2014 in All About Blinds

We realise that it is a little late for spring cleaning but that’s no excuse to let your home fall victim to the dreaded dust over the summer! We posted a video earlier this year about cleaning your faux-wood blinds (you can check that out here if you need a little refresher!) and we’ve had so many questions about cleaning since that we thought it was a great time to guide you through the best cleaning methods for the other types of blinds that we sell.

So, to kickstart our cleaning course, we’re going to look at wooden blinds – unlike the faux-wood blind we previously blogged about, you can’t simply dip these in your bath as the wood soaks up moisture and can warp out of shape. Don’t despair though, we’ve got a few handy hints for you right here…

Spots and Stains

Rubbing the affected area with a paper towel is usually enough to remove a mark but if it’s a little more stubborn, you can add a spot or two of wood cleaner on a cloth first and simply wipe the blemishes away.

For A Thorough Clean

When the dust really has taken hold, the best thing to do is give your blinds a thorough clean. The best way to achieve this is, quite simply, by using an old sock, pop the sock over your hand and wipe between each slat.

This can be a longer process, especially because you’ll need to tilt the slats each way to get the most thorough clean, and is better suited for larger slat sizes – if you’re slats are 50mm or more, you should have no problems fitting your hand between them, if they’re smaller then the next tip may be better for you.

For A Lighter Clean

Is a light clean all that you need? Grab a feather duster! If you tilt the slats so they’re closed flat, you can brush downwards quite easily and shake the dust off. You can also achieve the same effect using a hoover but you must make sure that the attachment is a soft brush, otherwise you risk damaging the wood. As before, once you’ve cleaned down one side, tilt the slats the opposite way and repeat the process.

There you have, it – a quick and easy guide on how to clean wooden blinds. To find out how to clean all types of blinds, see our full cleaning blinds guide. 

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