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How To Clean Wooden Blinds


Our Wooden Blinds, made from hard-wearing solid timber, are perfect for the modern home. Available in a stunning array of on-trend colours and stained wood finishes, as well as stylish coordinating tapes, they offer a timeless elegance to any space in the home. Plus, as they’re specially kiln treated for warp resistance and years of durability and style, they are most practical in sunny rooms!

Keeping your Wooden Blinds clean is crucial for many reasons. Starting with air quality in your home to purely esthetical motives; clean wooden blinds simply look great. Our Wooden Blinds are made to last, and with routine maintenance, they will look neat and work well for years.  

Ideal Home Pebble Beach Wooden Blind

How to Dust Real Wood Blinds

Regular dusting with a microfibre cloth or a feather duster will help keep your Wooden Blinds clean. Tilt the slats closed and brush downwards easily, shaking the dust off. You can also use a vacuum with a soft upholstery attachment. Once you’ve cleaned down one side, tilt the slats the opposite way and repeat the process.

Natural Bamboo Jute & Praline Wooden Blind

How to Clean Marks and Stains from Wooden Blinds

When the dust has taken hold, or if a few marks need removing, the best thing to do is give your Wooden Blinds a thorough clean. Use a soft cloth lightly dipped in lukewarm water with gentle soap, wring thoroughly and wipe the slats clean one after another. The cloth only needs to be slightly damp. Avoid soaking your wooden blinds, as they’re not water-resistant and this can damage the finish of the slats. 

Marks and stains can also be easily removed by rubbing the affected area with a paper towel, but if it’s a little more stubborn, you can add a spot or two of wood cleaner on a cloth to wipe the blemishes away. 

Metropolitan Dark Slate & Raven Wooden Blind

How to Clean Wooden Blinds with Tapes

Decorative tapes add an extra stylish element to your blinds, and their maintenance isn’t different to classic Wooden Blinds. Regular dusting and wiping clean will help keep them sharp. Make sure to be extra careful around the tapes to avoid damaging them. 

American Walnut & Walnut Wooden Blind With Tapes

For spots or stains on the tapes use a damp, soft cloth (make sure it’s not dye bleeding) and start with a patch-test first. The fabric absorbs dust and grime much better, so clean it regularly. Prevention is better than cure also when it comes to blinds! 

Metropolitan Snow & Parchment Wooden Blind

And that’s it, your Wooden Blinds are as good as new! Got any questions that aren’t answered here? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team for more tips and tricks to ensure your window coverings stay in tip-top shape.

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