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A Buyers Guide For Vertical Blinds


Buyers Guide to Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds can blend effortlessly with almost all interior schemes due to their minimalist aesthetic, and offer many practical features at your window, from daytime privacy to versatile shading in small and large windows. In our buyers guide, find out about the top benefits of Vertical Blinds, the types of Vertical Blinds available, and more.  

What are Vertical Blinds? 

Vertical Blinds feature individual fabric louvres that hang down from the top of the headrail. Operated by a twistable magic wand at the side of the blind, you can either let light filter through the gaps of the louvres or block it out for privacy when rotated left to right. You can also pull them into a neat stack to the sides of your window or wall with the same wand, making them a practical choice, even for doors leading out to the garden.  

Verona Oatmeal Vertical Blind

Verona Oatmeal Vertical Blind

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

  • Their long, vertical louvres are super effective for blocking the sun in its tracks or letting it flood your room, depending on their rotation 
  • They’re low maintenance and selected styles are even made from easy to clean PVC, allowing you to simply wipe away grease and spillages 
  • As you can pull them to a neat stack, you’ll gain an unobstructed view to the outside and are perfect for BiFold doors, providing easy access to the garden 
  • They’re a great option for conservatories and bay windows, retaining your privacy whilst protecting your flooring and furniture from the harsh UV rays 
  • Available in a range of contemporary colours and subtle patterns to pair with almost any interior scheme 

Other Types of Vertical Blinds 

What are Panel Blinds?Panel Blinds feature wider strips of fabric compared to standard styles. When rotated open, this allows sunlight to flood into your room, or when closed, they can provide improved privacy over traditional Vertical Blinds due to the large louvres. 

What are Privacy Sheers? – Privacy Sheers consist of two layers, a front sheer layer and an opaque back layer, allowing softly filtered light to enter your home while protecting your privacy.  

How to Clean Vertical Blinds 

For dusting your Vertical Blinds, take a feather duster and brush down the individual louvres from top to bottom. For removing stains, unclip the louvres from the headrail and lay them down on a flat, clean surface such as a countertop. Take detergent and a damp cloth to wipe down the stained area (ensuring you don’t place too much pressure on the louvres), then use a towel to pat them dry.

Concordia Shale Blue Vertical Blind

Concordia Shale Blue Vertical Blind

Are Thermal Vertical Blinds Effective? 

If you choose a Thermal Vertical Blind, you’ll benefit from a heat reflective fabric that helps to insulate the room and keep temperatures regulated. Capable of blocking out the sun too, you’ll benefit from improved insulation and versatile shading all year round.  

Are Vertical Blinds Suitable For Patio Doors?

Vertical Blinds are suitable for Patio Doors, helping you to deflect sunlight with their rotatable louvres, protect your privacy and provide unobstructed access to the garden by pulling into a neat stack at the side. If you’re looking for the perfect style for your patio door, view our Vertical Blinds for French, BiFold and Patio Doors.

Best Rooms for Vertical Blinds? 

  • Kitchens – Vertical Blinds in kitchens are a great window covering for their ability to reflect light in any direction, keeping your space feeling bright and airy whilst gaining an unobstructed view to the outside. As they’re also available in an easy to clean PVC material, they offer practicality even in the busiest of homes 
  • Conservatories – As most conservatories feature tall uPVC windows, Vertical Blinds will help you reduce sun glare and keep your furniture protected from harsh UV rays throughout the seasons. You can also get cordless Vertical Blinds, so if you have any children or pets, you’ll be able to minimise any trip hazards, especially if they’re on a door leading to your garden 
  • Dining rooms – Creating a beautiful, sophisticated ambience, Vertical Blinds are stylish and practical in equal measures, especially in tall dining room windows with their ability to deflect the sun’s rays
Concordia Burr Vertical Blind

Concordia White Vertical Blind

Are Vertical Blinds Suitable for Bay Windows?

Yes, Vertical Blinds are suitable for bay windows. They’re great at giving you control of how much light you let into your room alongside a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. A fully opened Vertical Blind has individual louvres with spaces in between so when adorning a bay window with multiple Vertical Blinds, they will blend seamlessly together when closed to look like they’re on a singular fitting. 

How Much are Vertical Blinds? 

The cost of your Vertical Blinds will depend on the size, style and lining you choose. At Blinds 2go, we have an Essentials collection of light filtering and blackout Vertical Blinds, offering the perfect balance of affordability and luxury at your windows. 

Pencil Stripe White Vertical Blind

Pencil Stripe White Vertical Blind

Are Vertical Blinds Made to Measure? 

At Blinds 2go, all our Vertical Blinds are made to measure to fit your windows, no matter how tall they are. This allows you to improve light control, privacy and reduce the amount of light seeping through the sides of your blind regardless of whether you choose an inside or exact fitting. 

  • White Vertical Blinds – White Vertical Blinds work wonders in bright, airy interiors, capable of bringing luminosity to any space 
  • Beige Vertical Blinds – Oozing with timeless charm and cosiness, a beige colour palette paired alongside a contemporary design makes this combination ever so versatile for your kitchen, living room or conservatory 
  • Grey Vertical Blinds – Bringing depth and character to neutral colour schemes, our light and dark grey Vertical Blinds cover your windows, doors and more with contemporary style

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