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A Buyers Guide For Roman Blinds

A Buyers Guide for Roman Blinds

What are Roman Blinds? 

Roman Blinds are made from a luxurious fabric that gathers into neat folds when raised. Offering a perfect view to the outside when they’re up and the comfort of privacy when they’re lowered, Roman Blinds provide versatile shading in any window they’re in.  

Benefits of Roman Blinds 

  • The luxurious fabric offers privacy and helps to insulate your rooms 
  • Their versatile, minimalist aesthetic provides a perfect canvas to add a variety of enticing patterns and colourways 
  • Certain Roman Blinds come with electric functionality, allowing you to automate them to raise or lower via the touch of an app
  • Regardless of your type of window, from large bay windows in the living room to small bedroom windows, Roman Blinds will help retain your privacy and reduce light seepage anywhere in your home

Are Roman Blinds Fashionable? 

Roman Blinds are ideal for creating a fashionable statement in all rooms of your home, with a sumptuous soft fabric that looks ever so sophisticated whether they’re raised or lowered. There are also patterned Roman Blinds to discover, from whimsical floral and wildlife prints to contemporary geometric and striped patterns that further elevate your interior scheme.  

Aikyo Ink Roman Blind

Aikyo Ink Roman Blind

Do Roman Blinds Keep Heat In? 

As they’re made from a thick fabric, Roman Blinds do an excellent job at helping retain heat in your room, especially during the colder months. For extra thermal efficiency, opt for a thermal interlining – a practical choice for all seasons! 

What Are the Best Rooms for Roman Blinds? 

  • Bedrooms – Blackout Roman Blinds are popular for bedrooms due to the superior shading they offer to help you get a good night’s sleep. They’re also a great option for layering with Curtains, providing additional depth and character to your décor 
  • Dining rooms – Whether you’re relaxing with the family or hosting guests, Roman Blinds provide an exuberant, elegant touch in small and large dining room windows 
  • Conservatories – Roman Blinds bring cosiness to your conservatory and are super practical for letting light flood into your space when opened or blocking out the sun when closed. It’s also easy to inject personality into your conservatory by pairing your Roman Blind with chic colours and patterns, offering style and practicality
  • Living rooms – Roman Blinds are an excellent choice for living rooms as they help create an inviting, relaxing ambience. With a range of fabrics to choose from, including velvet, linen and more, you’ll be able to find a style that suits contemporary and traditional living room interior schemes

William Morris Willow Blush Roman Blind

William Morris Willow Blush Roman Blind

Roman Blind Lining Types 

  • Light filtering – If you’re wanting to keep your rooms bright and airy, a light filtering lining allows for a gentle hue of sunlight to enter your room, even when they’re lowered 
  • Blackout – Roman Blinds with a blackout lining help restrict light coming into your room, with an opaque fabric that’s designed for optimal shading 
  • Thermal – Our Thermal Roman Blinds features a triple-layered insulating fabric for regulating the heat in your rooms. While they’re not completely blackout, they’ll still block more sunlight than an unlined Roman Blind 

Additional Features and Functionalities 

  • No Drill Roman Blinds – Replacing the need for installing brackets to your walls with a convenient, nifty mechanism in the headrail, you’ll have them up in moments; with no mess or DIY expertise required 

Adeline Honey Roman Blind

Adeline Honey Roman Blind

  • Electric Roman Blinds – Raise and lower your blind effortlessly with an electric Roman Blind, even when you’re in another room or out of the house via the touch of our Tuiss SmartView app 

How to Clean Roman Blinds? 

As they’re made from a delicate, woven fabric, we don’t recommend putting Roman Blinds in the washing machine. For cleaning light stains, use a mix of warm soapy water and apply the solution to a cloth, pat the area and leave the blind to dry. Explore our article to learn more about how to clean Roman Blinds. 

Liliana Dusty Lavender Roman Blind

Liliana Dusty Lavender Roman Blind

How to Install Roman Blinds Outside the Recess? 

To install your Roman Blinds outside the recess, attach your brackets to your wall for a face-fixing installation, position the lip of the headrail to the front of the bracket, then push the back of the headrail upwards to lock it into place.  

How to Install Roman Blinds Inside the Recess? 

There are two methods of fitting your Roman Blinds inside the recess depending on the style you’ve chosen: 

  • Installing traditional Roman Blinds – Attach your brackets with either a top-fixing (the ceiling of your recess) or face-fixing (on both sides of your recess) method of installation, position the front lip of the headrail into the front of the bracket, then push the back of the headrail to lock it in place
  • Installing No Drill Roman Blinds – To install No Drill Roman Blinds, hold the headrail against the top of the recess, then push the lever upwards until it’s clicked into place

Ideal Home Hummingbird Faux Silk Mist Roman Blind

Ideal Home Hummingbird Faux Silk & Mist Roman Blind

Are Roman Blinds Suitable for Patio Doors? 

Whilst Roman Blinds aren’t necessarily the best option for patio doors, we do have an excellent selection of PerfectFIT Blinds that clip directly to your uPVC windows and take up less room in your space. From PerfectFIT Roller Blinds and Pleated Blinds to Shutter Blinds and Venetian Blinds, these tool-free alternatives can be fitted in moments.

Can Roman Blinds Be Made to Measure? 

Roman Blinds can be made to measure to fit your windows, offering many benefits compared to ready made Roman Blinds. For example, choosing a made to measure option means that regardless of the size of your window, you’ll guarantee a great fit, every time. At Blinds 2go, all our Roman Blinds are made to measure, meaning you won’t be missing out on practicality or style.

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