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How To Save Energy This Winter with Double Thermal Blinds

The ultimate energy-saving blinds

Our newly launched Double Thermal Blinds are the ultimate energy saver.

Revolutionary design and energy-saving properties make these thermal blinds great for any season. Helping to lower energy bills, they’re utterly practical and the range of contemporary colours will match any interior.

Double Thermal Blinds

Designed with a double layer of honeycomb pockets, our Double Thermal Blinds are the perfect choice for the energy-saving home. By trapping the air and reflecting it into the room, they help reduce heat loss and make a difference in your home’s temperature all year long. 

Double DuoShade Anthracite Thermal Blind

Double Thermal Blinds work as a reflecting barrier in your window. During colder months, when the heating is on, they keep the warm air in the room. In summer, they block droughts helping to regulate heat and light within your space. Extra tip: keep your thermal blinds down for maximum efficiency in energy-saving.

Available in contemporary colours, these blinds are perfect for any interior. From classic whites and blacks to nudes and beiges – they’re both practical and stylish. 

Double DuoShade Chalk Thermal Blind

Depending on your needs, you can choose between DuoShade (a blackout lining providing total privacy and shading) and DuoLight (light filtering lining, allowing for a gentle glow), so you can control the light with ease and help save energy all year round. 

We also have Double Cordless Thermal Blinds that feature the same energy-saving properties as Double Thermal Blinds, but they’re cordless. To open or close them, gently push or pull the blind and enjoy the neat style at your window. 

Double DuoLight Cordless Arctic White Thermal Blind

Energy-saving blinds are a great place to start when improving your home’s energy efficiency and since all our blinds are made-to-measure, they will fit perfectly with no gaps and overlaps. Our stylish and practical energy-efficient blinds are a great way to help cut heating bills.