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How To Decorate Your Home For Ambient Evenings with Amos Lighting


As the evenings start to get cooler and darker, it is time to prepare your home to make sure you stay warm and cosy. From adding textures with blinds and curtains to creating soft lighting, our friends at Amos Lighting + Home have lots of helpful tips on decorating your home for the perfect ambient evening.


To make your home into a cosy cocoon in the autumn, opt for a soft tactile window dressing. Curtains are the perfect addition to bring in textures and if you want to help add extra warmth to your space choose the thermal interlining option for even more comfort.

Warm neutral shades will instantly bring a sense of comfort to the room and will suit any interior. Alternatively, Roman Blinds offer a classic style, perfect for more traditional homes. Simply close them to create a private sanctuary in the evening.

Soft Lighting

When the evening draws in, avoid harsh spot lights and instead switch on cosy lamps. Use warm lightbulbs to give the ideal restful light to wind down in the evening. For a wide selection of options try Amos Lighting + Home.

Lighting is key to creating an ambience. To create a super comfortable look, layer an assortment of lamps, including floor and table lights as this will allow a beautifully balanced lighting scheme. Choosing tactile lampshades will give a warm autumnal feel, try adding warmer colours or eclectic patterns for a pulled-together aesthetic.

Layer Fabric Textures

Combining fabrics are also a wonderful choice for giving a relaxing ambience to a room. Bring texture into the design scheme through throws, cushions, soft furnishings as well as window dressings and lampshades. Mixing different styles and weights of fabric will give the room a harmonious appearance. Too much of one particular fabric will overwhelm the scheme, so make sure to choose a few different options.

Why not shop the variety of window dressings and lighting options on-trend this season?