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What Are The Best Blinds For Living Rooms?

Best blinds for living rooms

Whether you’re getting your day kickstarted or relaxing on your sofa in front of the TV, you’ll want to create a warm, inviting ambience in your living room. That’s why it’s so important to choose a window blind that not only elevates your existing style, but also acts as a perfect shading solution to block unwanted sunlight in its tracks.  

In this article, we’ll cover the best blinds for your living room so you can create the cosy haven you’re looking for.  

The Top Features for Choosing Living Room Blinds

  • Privacy and light control – As your living room is one of the most used rooms in your home, you’ll want a blind that offers privacy day and night, especially if you have a street-facing window. Plus, if you have a TV or monitor that receives a lot of sun glare, the right blind will help you to control the light for optimal viewing throughout the day  

  • Colours and patterns – With so many types of blinds available, you’ll not only want to choose a practical style but also one that blends effortlessly with your interior scheme. From beige and neutral colours that pair with light décor to contemporary grey shades for darker walls, colours and patterns are key to enhance the look of your room

  • Smart functionality – Some blinds can also be controlled via the touch of an app, allowing you to open and close your blinds from the comfort of your sofa or when you’re on the go to prevent furniture from fading and retain your privacy – you can even automate this process for additional peace of mind when you’re not in

Roman Blinds for Living Rooms

Roman Blinds will give your living room a sumptuous, tranquil touch regardless of the colour palette you choose. With a soft fabric that gathers into neat folds when raised, they’re great blinds for both small and large living room windows, helping you reduce sun exposure. There’s ample opportunity to layer Roman Blinds with textured Curtains too, bringing depth and additional sophistication to your space. 

Roman Blinds are also highly practical. From a Blackout Roman Blind lining that helps you improve privacy and block out sunlight, a thermal interlining that helps regulate the temperature in your living room, to a light filtering lining to allow gentle hues of sunlight to enter your space, you can tailor them for every purpose. Whether you’re looking for Roman Blinds for bay windows or small windows, we have you covered. 

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Roman Blinds for a Living Room? 

  • Types of fabric – Roman Blinds come in a range of fabrics and textures to add aesthetic appeal to your living room windows. From lustrous velvet to soft, woven linen, it’s ever so simple to create a personal, decorative touch
  • No Drill Roman Blinds – You can even upgrade to a No Drill system within the headrail for even easier installation, with an innovative lever that clicks your blinds into place

Woof Linen Roman Blind

Woof Linen Roman Blind

Real & Faux Wooden Blinds for Living Rooms 

Wooden Blinds incorporate a chic vibe in your living room, featuring minimalist horizontal slats that deliver a long-lasting impression. They’re typically available in a variety of slat sizes, from large slats for angled bay windows to smaller slats that are ideal for square bay windows.

Pairing effortlessly with both light and dark living room décors with their versatile appearance, you can generate more visual flair by choosing a Wooden Blind with matching or contrasting tapes depending on your preference. They’re also super durable and easy to maintain, meaning whether you choose a crisp white, grey, or neutral shade, they’ll keep looking fresh for years to come! 

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Wooden Blinds for a Living Room? 

  • Real or Faux Wooden Blinds? – Real Wooden Blinds for living rooms add timeless charm and pair with traditional or modern schemes, while faux Wood Blinds offers additional benefits such as water-resistance and tend to be more cost-effective. However, if you’re updating your blinds in south-facing windows, real wood is the best option as faux wood could potentially warp if the material gets too hot from direct sun exposure 
  • Layering with Curtains – If you’re after a blackout effect, why not try pairing Wooden Blinds with a beautiful Curtain? Whether it’s a textured or patterned Curtain, layering your living room Wooden Blinds with one of our Curtains creates a classic, timeless aesthetic that’s sure to impress 

Metropolitan Scandinavian Oak Wooden Blind

Metropolitan Scandinavian Oak Wooden Blind

Vertical Blinds for Living Rooms

If you’re looking for blinds to dress your tall living room windows, Vertical Blinds feature long, vertical louvres that drop from the headrail that are capable of deflecting sunlight throughout the day, operated by a tilt control wand. Vertical Blinds can even be retracted with the use of a pull rod at the side or the middle of the blind, making them useful for living rooms with doors leading out to the garden.  

With a range of colours and practical features, including thermal, blackout and light filtering linings, you can add a vibrant or monochromatic touch to your windows and benefit from tailored shading throughout the day.  

There’s also Panel Blinds for additional privacy, their larger strips of vertical fabric are perfect for street-facing living rooms! 

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Vertical Blinds for a Living Room? 

  • Patterns – As well as colours, you can also find Vertical Blinds with subtle patterns for additional character, including pinstripes, geometric patterns, florals and more  
  • Using Privacy Sheers – Ideal for living rooms that aren’t overlooked and those that have a view facing the garden, Privacy Sheers provide a bright, airy feel to your space or shading based on the way they’re tilted with strips of opaque and sheer fabric 

Day and Night Blinds for Living Rooms 

Day and Night Blinds are great way to add a contemporary touch to your living room. Our Enjoy Day and Night Roller Blinds, often referred to as zebra blinds, are made from a combination of voile and opaque fabric strips that let in or block out the sun depending on their alignment.

If you’re looking for a style that helps improve your energy efficiency, choose a Duo Night and Day Pleated Blind for your living room. Also known as Honeycomb Blinds, they combine a Sheer Blind at the top and an opaque blind at the bottom to tailor shading to your requirements while helping to keep your room warm or cool as you transcend the seasons.  

Night & Day Duo Voile Sky Blind

Night & Day Duo Voile Sky Thermal Blind

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Day and Night Blinds for Living Rooms? 

  • Window size – If your living room features small yet wide windows, Day and Night Blinds are perfect for making them appear taller than they are. In large bay windows however, Roman Blinds tend to be more suitable if you’re looking for complete darkness with their thick, luxury fabric

Roller Blinds for Living Rooms 

Practical and stylish in equal measure, Roller Blinds provide a blank canvas to add a splash of colour to your interior scheme. With a host of whimsical patterns, textures and plains, they’re ever so versatile, plus, when paired with a blackout lining, they offer privacy around the clock when closed. There’s also Roller Blinds designed specifically for uPVC and living room patio doors, with a PerfectFIT frame that’s designed to clip directly to your door with no drills or screws required. 

affinity sandstone roller blind

Twist2Go Affinity Sandstone Roller Blind

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Roller Blinds for Living Rooms? 

  • Electric functionality – Controlled via our Tuiss SmartView app, our smart Roller Blinds allow you to set your blinds to raise or lower at select times, even when you’re out of the house 
  • No Drill options – Depending on your preference and type of window, Roller Blinds are available with a twist in place system that fits your blind between the recess or an outside frame that attaches directly to uPVC windows for a perfect fit 

To learn more about our recommended blinds for your living room, visit our guide.