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A Buyers Guide For Day & Night Blinds

A buyers guide for day and night blinds

What Are Day & Night Blinds?

Day and Night Blinds consist of two layers of a blackout and a light filtering material on a single fitting. From designs that feature alternating fabric strips, free-floating systems that allow you to move your blind freely up and down your window plus more, they help you gain the perfect balance of shading, privacy and light control at your window. 

What Are the Benefits of Day & Night Blinds? 

  • A range of colours available – Whether you’re looking for a Day and Night Blind for a traditional or contemporary scheme, we have a variety of shades for you to explore, from blue, green and pinks that add a splash of colour to beige, grey and white shades that look ever so elegant 
  • Improved privacy during the day – Their light filtering material allows gentle hues of sunlight into your space throughout the day while preventing anyone seeing through the blind 
  • Precise light control and versatile shading – As well as improving privacy, Day and Night Blinds are designed to adjust the light you allow into your space to your exact requirements
  • Electric functionality – Certain styles of Day and Night Blinds are available with an electric upgrade, allowing you to raise, lower and automate your blind even when you’re in another room 

Illusion Cool Grey Roller Blinds
Illusion Cool Grey Roller Blind

What Types of Day & Night Blinds are Available? 

  • Duo Pleated – Duo Pleated Blinds feature insulating pockets that helps to keep your rooms feeling cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Double Roller – Double Roller Blinds feature a blackout roller and a Magic Screen on a singular set of brackets, offering privacy and light control any time of day 
  • Enjoy Blinds – Our Enjoy Blinds, also known as Zebra Blinds, consist of alternating blackout and voile fabric strips, with a unique design that transforms the way you shade your space 
  • Illusion Roller – With the aesthetic appeal of Venetian Blinds, Illusion Roller Shades let you gently filter light in when opened 
  • Top Down / Bottom Up Duo – Top Down / Bottom Up Blinds feature a free-floating system that allows you to adjust your blind freely up and down your window, perfect for keeping your space shaded  

How Do You Operate Day and Night Blinds? 

Operating your Day and Night Blinds will depend on the style you’ve chosen. Starting with Double, Enjoy, and Illusion Blinds, they feature a nickel chain at the side to raise and lower the fabric; whereas Top Down Bottom Up and Night and Day Duo Pleated Blinds feature innovative dual controls at both sides of the blind. 

Enjoy Bright White Roller Blind
Enjoy Bright White Roller Blind

What Are the Best Rooms for Day & Night Blinds? 

  • Bedrooms – If your bedroom is street-facing, they’ll help you get an uninterrupted night’s sleep by blocking out streetlamps, car headlights and more, all while offering privacy during the day 
  • Living Rooms – If you’re looking to improve energy efficiency in your living room, our Day and Night Duo Pleated Blinds helps to reflect the heat in and out of your room by trapping it at your window
  • Conservatories – A great choice for tall conservatory windows, our Top Down Bottom Up Blinds will keep bright sunlight at bay to prevent your furniture and flooring from fading. Plus, their free-hanging system means you’ll benefit from precise light control without sacrificing your privacy! 
  • Kitchens – Our Enjoy Zebra Blinds blend contemporary charm with versatile shading and ultimate privacy, perfect for kitchens that are overlooked by neighbouring houses 
  • Bathrooms – If your bathroom has a deep recess, our Double Roller Blinds will help protect your privacy all year round. Plus, benefit from versatile shading around the clock depending on whether the blackout or magic screen is lowered 

Are Day & Night Blinds Blackout? 

While Zebra Day and Night Blinds won’t be as effective as blocking out the light as a Blackout Blind, our Double Roller Blinds will.  

Using a sheet of blackout fabric rather than strips like the design of our Zebra Blinds, Double Roller Blinds will allow you to further shade your bedroom and living room, helping you block out bright streetlights or sunlight throughout the day.  

Double Roller Umbra Milk White
Umbra Milk White Double Roller Blind

Are Day & Night Blinds Expensive? 

Day & Night Blinds tend to be more expensive than traditional styles such as Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds due to their dual fabric layers. However, as you can install our blinds yourself with our easy measuring and fitting guides, you can still cut down the cost of fitting your blind while benefitting from a perfect fit for your window.  

Can I Use Curtains with Day & Night Blinds? 

The minimalist and contemporary design makes Day and Night Blinds a perfect choice for layering Curtains over them. Whether you’re looking to bring visual flair into your interior scheme with a Patterned Curtain or wanting to create a classic look with an elegant plain style, we’ve got you covered. 

Can You See Through Day & Night Blinds? 

You can see through Day and Night Blinds depending on their alignment. With Zebra Roller Blinds, simply line the blackout strips of fabric against one another and you’ll be able to see directly through the voile fabric. Whereas with Double Roller Blinds, you’ll only be able to see through the fabric if you have the blackout part raised and the voile lowered. 

Enjoy Honey Oak Roller Blind
Enjoy Honey Oak Roller Blind

How To Clean Day & Night Blinds 

How to Dust Day & Night Blinds 

To remove dust from your Day and Night Blinds, simply take a feather duster and gently wipe the blind from side to side until the blind is dust free.  

How To Remove Stains from Day & Night Blinds 

To remove marks and stains from Day and Night Blinds, we recommend taking a damp cloth with a small amount of lukewarm water applied to wipe the affected area clean, then leave the blind to air dry. With the delicate fabric of certain styles such as Duo Blinds, ensure not too much pressure is applied to avoid damaging your blind.

Can You Wash Day & Night Blinds? 

Due to their material, we don’t recommend washing your blinds as this could cause the fabric to fray. Instead, follow our handy cleaning guide to ensure your blinds look as good as new!  

Night & Day Duo Voile Sky Blind
Night & Day Duo Voile Sky Thermal Blind

How Do You Measure for Day & Night Blinds? 

To measure for your Day and Night Blinds, follow these steps:

How to Measure Day and Night Blinds for a Recess Fitting:

  1. Measure the width of your window from left to right three times and take the smallest measurement
  2. Measure the drop of your window three times and take the smallest measurement
  3. Select the measrement metric you’ve used on one of our product pages and input your smallest measurements

How to Measure Day and Night Blinds for an Exact Fitting:

  1. Measure the drop from three different places across your window, once again taking the smallest measurement
  2. Add on a little extra so your blind to ensure it completely covers your recess (we recommend adding on at least 70mm at the top and 50mm to each side)
  3. Input your measurements including the measurement you’ve added on to ensure a perfect fit outside your recess

Measuring Day and Night Blinds for BiFold Doors:

Measuring for your BiFold Door Blinds will be slightly different to measuring for a recess and exact fitting:

  1. Measure the visible glass area of each window and door, ensuring you measure each of them individually (you don’t need to include the rubber beading or seals in your measurements)
  2. Measure the top, middle and bottom of the glass and take note of the smallest measurement
  3. Repeat the same process and measure the left, right and centre, again using the smallest measurements
  4. Input your measurements on the blind page you’ve selected and we’ll sort out the rest!

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