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What are Shutter Blinds?


buyers guide for shutter blinds

What are Shutter Blinds? 

Shutter Blinds, also known as Plantation Shutters, consist of hard-wearing horizontal slats that are suitable for almost any room. Allowing light in and out of your home by either positioning the slats open or closed, Shutters also can be folded into a neat stack to allow a clear view to the outside.

Whether you’re looking for a faux wood style that’s capable of withstanding steam and humidity in a bathroom and kitchen or a classic real Wood Shutter, they create timeless elegance at every window.  

San Jose Warm White Shutter Blinds

San Jose Warm White Shutter Blinds

Benefits of Shutter Blinds 

  • Easy to maintain – With durable panels that won’t warp or crack, Plantation Shutters are ever so simple to maintain, keeping their prestigious look for years to come
  • Contemporary style – Combining practicality and beauty effortlessly, they’re incredibly versatile and can pair with almost any interior scheme. Blinds 2go offers a range of colours to choose from, including black, grey and white shades to complement your style
  • Versatile light control – Whether you’re looking to allow gentle sunlight into your space, block it out or let light in completely, you can easily adjust the panels and slats for precise light control all year round
  • Child and pet friendly – Replacing traditional cords with a discreet control bar to operate their slats, there’s no need to worry about any loose cables lying around, meaning they’re especially ideal if you have children or pets
  • No Drill options – If you’re looking for even easier installation, there’s also No Drill Shutter Blinds that can be fitted directly to your uPVC windows

PerfectFIT Cool White Shutter Blind

PerfectFIT Pure White Shutter Blind

Best Rooms for Shutter Blinds 

  • Bedrooms – Plantation Shutters work wonders in bedrooms, helping you protect your privacy while allowing light to enter your room. Plus, even if you have large bedroom windows in your home, their outside frame will help prevent light seepage from streetlamps, headlights and more, convenient for street-facing windows
  • Bathrooms – While we wouldn’t recommend real wood for bathrooms, faux Wood Shutters are made from an advanced polymer that doesn’t crack under humidity, perfect for windows next to the bath or shower or bathrooms with low ventilation  
  • Living rooms – If you’re looking to create a focal point in your living room, real Wooden Shutters offer timeless appeal, especially if your living room has a traditional window. They also provide a great foundation for adding a splash of colour to your scheme with a patterned curtain
  • Kitchen – As your kitchen can constantly be exposed to steam, spillages and grease from your washing and cooking areas, you’ll want to keep your window space protected. As our faux Wood Shutters are made from an easy to clean material, you’ll be able wipe away any stains with ease compared to other types of blinds such as a Roman Blind and their traditional counterparts
  • Dining room – If your dining room is overlooked by neighbours, Plantation Shutter Blinds will help protect your privacy while still granting a view to the outside, meaning you’ll have the best of both worlds 

How Much Do Shutter Blinds Cost? 

The cost of your Shutter Blinds will depend on your window size; however, we strive to make them as cost-effective as possible with our do-it-yourself approach. The cost of your Shutter Blinds can also depend on whether you choose a real or faux wooden design, with real wood usually costing more due to the materials being used to craft them.

Shutter Blinds

San Jose Premium Cotton White Shutter Blinds

How to Clean Shutter Blinds

Cleaning dust from Shutter Blinds:

  1. Take a dry cloth and wipe down the outside frame
  2. Wipe the individual slats and tilt the slats up and down so you can dust all areas of the blind

Cleaning stains from Shutter Blinds:

  1. Take a cloth and apply lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent, then wipe the stains away from your blind
  2. Use a dry cloth to pat away any excess water and your Shutter Blinds will look as good as new!

How to Measure for Shutters 

To measure for a front of recess fitting for your Shutters, measure the top, middle and bottom width from the front of the recess. Next, measure the drop on the right, in the centre and on the left and take the smallest measurement. To measure for an inside recess fitting, repeat the same process.

How to Measure for No Drill Shutters

To measure for No Drill Shutter Blinds, follow these steps:

  1. Check the distance between the glass edges and any obstructions such as handles
  2. Measure the depth of the window frame by placing a credit card at the corner of the frame, then use a ruler to measure from the glass out to the edge of your card
  3. Measure the glass area of each window and door, from the inside edges of the frame, measuring from the top, middle and bottom of the glass, and note down the smallest measurement
  4. Turn your window handle so that it’s fully open and measure from the bottom edge of the glass to the centre of the handles pivot point

Are Shutters Blackout? 

While Shutter Blinds aren’t 100% blackout, they’ll still do a great job at deflecting light in and out of your space, which is why we would still recommend putting these in a bedroom. If you’re looking for the ultimate in shading, try pairing them with an elegant Curtain or alternatively, explore our Blackout Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds.  

No Drill Shutter Blinds

San Jose Premium Jet Shutter Blinds

Are Shutter Blinds Suitable for Doors?

If you have a French Door or BiFold Door, No Drill Shutters are a great option for controlling the amount of light entering your space. By having your Shutter Blinds made to measure too, you’ll benefit from additional insulation, less light seepage when closed and improved privacy at all times.

How to Install Plantation Shutters 

Installing No Drill Shutter Blinds:

  1. To attach the brackets, use a credit card and place it on each corner of your window to locate where the brackets need to be installed 
  1. Push each bracket under the seal as far as they will go 
  1. Install the frame by aligning it with your brackets and pushing it back until it clips into place 

Installing Traditional Shutter Blinds

  1. Start by assembling the frame by lining up all the corners, then insert the Hoffman keys provided in the box
  1. Predrill the holes for your screws around 10-15cm away from the sides and line up the frame to your window, ensuring it sits level 
  1. Ensuring the frame is level at your window, drill pilot holes so you’re left with shallow pilot holes around your window recess. Then, remove the frame, drill the holes fully and insert Rawl plugs to each one 
  1. Install the screws with the frame in place (we recommend installing the top ones first to hold the frame steady!) 
  1. Attach the panels by loosening the frame hinges, then slot the hinge pins into place 

Are Plantation Shutters Good for Insulation?

As Shutter Blinds are made from solid materials, they do offer insulating properties when the panels and slats are closed, creating a barrier to help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you’re looking for some more inspiration for using Shutter Blinds in your home, why not explore our fantastic collections! Alternatively, take a look at our other blinds, with a range of designs, colours and more to choose from.

  • White Shutter Blinds – For a classic look, our white Shutter Blinds add a timeless statement anywhere, from crisp whites to warm whites. Plus, our white Shutter Blinds are available with no drill options for even easier installation
  • Black Shutter Blinds – Our black Shutter Blinds work wonders when contrasted with light décor, bringing character and richness to your space
  • Grey & Silver Shutter Blinds – Our grey Shutter Blinds bring contemporary charm to your windows, with light and dark grey shades available
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