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What are Roller Blinds?

A buyers guide for Roller Blinds

What Are Roller Blinds? 

Roller Blinds are made from a single sheet of fabric that rolls into an aluminium tube located at the top of the blind. With a pull chain at the side, it’s simple to raise and lower the blind to either let light into your room or stop it in its tracks. There’s Electric Roller Blinds too, replacing pull cords with a motorised mechanism inside the headrail. Stylish and practical, Roller Blinds available in a vast array of colours and patterns to make any of your windows shine. 

What Are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

  • Certain Roller Blinds are made from a waterproof PVC material, meaning they’re highly practical for rooms that are prone to humidity and moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • With a plethora of colours, patterns, and luxury fabrics available, Roller Blinds are ever so versatile to pair with your interior scheme. Plus, their minimalist design makes them a perfect option if you’re wanting to layer your Blind with a textured Curtain.
  • Most Roller Blinds are made from a blackout fabric or have the option to add a blackout lining, helping you get a good night’s sleep without the outside light disturbing your slumber.
  • Certain Roller Blinds are available with a No Drill system that allows you to install the blind between the recess without damaging your walls.

roller blinds

Splash Blackout Ocean Sea Kelp Lake Roller Blind

What Are the Best Windows for Roller Blinds? 

With their minimalist design, Roller Blinds work wonders in any window they’re in. As Roller Blinds are highly effective at blocking sunlight and retaining privacy when you need it most, they’re especially suitable for wide window spaces like bay windows as well as kitchens and bathrooms, with durable fabric that’ll withstand the test of time.  

What Are the Best Rooms for Roller Blinds? 

  • Bathrooms Roller Blinds made from PVC are perhaps the most suitable of our blinds for a bathroom as they’re easy to wipe clean and won’t get damaged by moisture or steam  
  • Kitchens – Roller Blinds are perfect for kitchen windows with their cost-effective price point and many practical features. Whether you choose a waterproof style for additional protection around your washing up areas, or a flame-retardant Roller Blind that adds an additional level of safety for windows near the hob, there’s plenty of styles that are suitable for a kitchen  
  • Dining Rooms – Roller Blinds act as a perfect canvas for you to add a splash of colour and elegance to your dining room windows. Whether it’s through a pattern that adds a statement such as a geometric design, striped Roller Blind, or a solid colour, you’ll be sure to transform your dining room interior scheme
  • Conservatories – As conservatories usually consist of more windowpanes than any other room in your home, Roller Blinds can offer precise light control and shading throughout the summer months to prevent furniture or flooring from fading. Ensuring your Roller Blinds are made to measure will help to avoid light seepage
  • Bedrooms – Like your dining room, a major focus for your bedroom should be on an aesthetic window blind that elevates your décor. Roller Blinds are available in versatile shades and patterns, from white and grey tones to vibrant pinks and reds, and when paired with a blackout fabric or lining, they’re great at helping you get a good night’s sleep, reducing light filtering into your room

roller blinds

Summer Meadow Blossom Roller Blind

What Lining Types Are Available for Roller Blinds? 

  • Light filtering – A light filtering Roller Blind allows natural sunlight to filter into your rooms throughout the day, which can help your energy efficiency as there’s less requirement on using artificial light
  • Blackout – A blackout lining provides extra privacy in any of your rooms, with opaque fabric that restricts the view from the outside in and completely blocks the light
  • Thermal – A thermal lining helps to insulate your room in all seasons with a heat reflective backing, whilst helping you retain your privacy 

dorado flax roller blind

Dorado Flax Roller Blind

Additional Features and Functionalities 

  • No Drill – No Drill Roller Blinds twist in place within your window recess, leaving no marks or damage to your walls. They’re also specifically designed for fast installation and with no tools, allowing you to enjoy your new Blind in a matter of moments! 
  • Electric – Electric Roller Blinds offer convenient operation when raising or lowering the blind via the touch of an app, helping you protect your privacy by automating your blinds when you’re out. Plus, with an electric mechanism that replaces the need of a pull cord, they’re child-friendly  

How to Clean Roller Blinds? 

As they’re made from water-resistant, durable fabrics, cleaning your Roller Blinds should be easy. For any light stains, simply add a small amount of soap to warm water, take a cloth and dip it in the solution, then wipe the stain clean and allow time to dry. For dusting Roller Blinds, take a dry cloth and move it from left to right over the fabric until it’s looking as good as new.  

Twist2Go Mr Fox Charcoal Roller Blind

Twist2Go Mr Fox Charcoal Roller Blind

Are Roller Blinds Suitable for Doors? 

Certain types of Roller Blinds are more suitable for doors than others. For example, PerfectFIT Roller Blinds clip seamlessly onto your uPVC window and doors, with a slim, neat design that doesn’t take up any space in your room.

Can Roller Blinds Be Made to Measure? 

At Blinds 2go, all our Roller Blinds are made to measure to fit your windows. So, whether you choose a Double Roller Blind or a traditional style, you’ll have the flexibility of fitting Blinds between and outside the recess. 

How To Measure for Roller Blinds?  

  • Recess Fitting – For fitting Roller Blinds inside the recess, we recommend measuring the width and drop of your window recess in three places and taking the smallest measurement, as the fabric will be slightly narrower than the bracket 
  • Exact fitting – If you want to fit your Roller Blind outside the recess, the bracket is approximately 35mm wider than the fabric, so measure for the width you’d like the fabric to cover (either bracket to bracket width or the fabric width)

See our full measuring guide. 

  • White Roller Blinds – White tones are not only incredibly versatile but they also act as the perfect canvas for adding a gorgeous pattern
  • Neutral & Natural Roller Blinds – Full of warmth and bringing a sophisticated touch to your windows, our neutral and natural Roller Blinds are practical, beautiful and adaptable for any setting
  • Blue Roller Blinds – If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your interior scheme, light and dark blue shades are sure to make a statement in your kitchen, bathroom, living room and more

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