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A Buyers Guide for Skylight Blinds

Buyers guide for Skylight Blinds

What Are Skylight Blinds? 

Skylight Blinds, also known as Roof Blinds, are made to specifically fit your roof windows based on your window design. Featuring an outside frame that holds the blind in place to prevent them from hanging down, they consist of a sheet of light filtering or blackout fabric that prevents harsh UV rays from entering your space when closed.  

What Are the Benefits of Skylight Blinds? 

  • A range of colours and patterns are available to suit any scheme, from blue, purple and pink tones to geometrics, children’s designs and more 
  • They provide versatile shading, with a blackout fabric for blocking light entering your space or a light filtering fabric for allowing gentle sunlight in while protecting your privacy 
  • They’re great for homes with children, offering cordless operation to raise and lower the blind
  • Helps to keep out harsh UV rays when closed during the day, preventing your furniture and flooring from fading 

Do Skylight Blinds Keep Heat In? 

Skylight windows are prone to heat escaping your room especially when it’s cold outside, and vice versa in the hot, summer months. Skylight Blinds will help you keep your space warm in winter and cooler in summer by blocking and reflecting the sun’s rays, improving insulation all year round. 

How Much Do Skylight Blinds Cost? 

The cost of your Skylight Blinds will vary depending on the type of roof window you have and its size. Blinds 2go offer blinds that fit perfectly in VELUX®, FAKRO®, Dakea, and Keylite windows at cost-effective prices compared to their traditional counterparts, helping you shade your home for less.

What Types of Skylight Windows Do You Provide Blinds For? 

Blinds 2go offers the following types of blinds for skylight windows: 

  • VELUX®Designed to fit VELUX® windows perfectly, we offer a fantastic selection of VELUX® Blinds alternatives that are cost-effective and beautiful in equal measure 
  • Dakea®Combining drill-free installation alongside a range of colours and patterns, our Dakea Blinds create a statement anywhere 
  • FAKRO®Made from a blackout fabric that’s capable of blocking out sunlight or a light filtering fabric, our Fakro Blinds are perfect for any FAKRO® roof window 
  • KeyliteOur blinds for Keylite windows are great alternatives, with a plethora of styles available at lower prices than the manufacturers RRP 

Explore our Skylight Blinds collections. 

Expressions Cappuccino Skylight Blind for Velux WIndows
Expressions Cappuccino Skylight Blind for Velux® Windows

How to Measure for Skylight Blinds? 

Measuring for a new blind for a roof window couldn’t be easier. Simply find the code located at the side of your skylight window, select it from a product of your choice on our site and you’re good to go!  

If you can’t find the code for your window, take note of the width and drop of the visible glass area and get in touch with us.

How Do you Install Skylight Blinds? 

With effortless installation across our Skylight Blinds range, follow these two simple steps to have your blinds up and running in moments: 

  • Fit the cartridge – Slot the cartridge into place at the top of your window, move the bar at the bottom out of the fabric out of the way and use one screw on each side to fix your cartridge in place (be careful not to tighten the screws too much) 
  • Fit the side channels – Ensure the handle is sitting level with your window and pull the blind down just far enough to slide the side of the fabric into the channel. Slot the channel into place in the small tab under the cartridge fascia, then use the last two screws to secure the channels into place at the bottom of the frame (remember not to over tighten them) 

Expressions Gulls Blue Haze Skylight Blind for Keylite Windows
Expressions Gulls Blue Haze for Keylite Windows

How to Open and Close Skylight Blinds? 

To open your Skylight Blinds, simply lift the bottom bar across your window and adjust it to your desired height. To close Skylight Blinds completely, lower the bar until the fabric is at the bottom of the frame. If your windows are hard to reach, we also have telescopic control rods available that fit to the end of your blind for easy operation.  

How to Clean Skylight Blinds? 

  • Dusting Skylight Blinds – To dust Skylight Blinds, take a dry cloth and wipe down the fabric from top to bottom. If your vacuum has a soft brush attachment, this can also be a great way of getting rid of excess dust (be careful not to go too close to the blind, as this can damage the fabric if too much pressure is applied) 
  • Tackling marks and stains – We recommend using a damp cloth with a small amount of mild detergent to gently wipe the fabric clean, allowing time for the affected area to dry 

  • Blue Skylight Blinds If you’re looking to add a vibrant touch to a children’s bedroom, blue Skylight Blinds come in a variety of patterns that generate character and charm anywhere
  • Grey Skylight Blinds For a contemporary, minimalist vibe, our grey Skylight Blinds are available in a plethora of light and dark tones that work wonders in home offices and loft bedrooms 
  • Beige Skylight BlindsTimeless and ever so elegant, beige Skylight Blinds will bring warmth and depth in equal measure to your space 

If you’re looking for more inspiration for every window in your home, explore our blinds buyers’ guides today.

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