The New Clarissa Hulse Collection

June 9th, 2021 in All About Blinds

With beautiful botanicals, vibrant colours and delightful patterns, we’re so excited to share with you the new Clarissa Hulse collaborative collection of Blinds and Curtains.

There’s some favourites in fresh colourways as well as some brand new designs that you’re bound to fall in love with. Inspired by her worldwide travels and the natural beauty that can be discovered across the globe, the collection is full of charm and Clarissa’s signature style, plus it is bursting with colour and personality too.

Her designs were inspired by her time in Thailand, Spain, Italy and Greece as a child and she has always been fascinated by the natural composition in the way plants grow. She explained, ‘My favourite designs are usually the more delicate and wispy ones with grasses and seed heads that look like late summer meadows. It is something I come back to when designing as they are so pretty and make me think of happy times when I am enjoying nature.’

Here’s a little look at the gorgeous new collection of Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds and Curtains


Following on from releasing the Ombre patterns last year, we’re thrilled to introduce some new exciting colours to the mix from sweet blush shades to navy blue and emerald. The ombre design is a signature of Clarissa Hulse and was inspired by the horizons and landscapes of Greece and began their life as hand-painted watercolours.

The perfect way to inject a cheerful pop of colour into a space and brighten up your home, the Ombre designs will fit into any interiors easily, thanks to their simplicity and charm.

Palm Leaf

This palm leaf design was influenced by Clarissa’s palm leaf plant that she picked up at a flower market in East London. It’s been the subject of countless drawings and photos over the years and now it is lovingly featured on the new range of blinds and curtains. In stunning colourways of emeralds, jades and creams, this is every plant lovers dream and will allow you to easily create a charming space that makes an impact.

Available as Curtains, Romans and Roller Blinds in a delightful array of shades, this design will look effortlessly beautiful wherever it’s placed.

Studio Spot

Studio Spot was inspired by the colour tests that were done in Clarissa’s studio, as little blobs of mixed colour pigments were created and tested using fingertips. The result is a fun collection of sweet unsymmetrical dots in a rainbow of colours from cosy neutrals, to vibrant pinks and dazzling blues.

The energetic creation is ideal for those who love to use colour in their interiors or are looking to inject a splash of colour to neutral spaces. Full of fun and charm, this will easily make a bold style statement.

See the full Clarissa Hulse collection in blinds and curtains.

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