Fifty Shades Of Grey- Man Edition.

February 3rd, 2015 in Home Improvement

It seems to be the 4 words on every woman’s lips, and this season grey seems to be making a comeback, even for the men.

Once thrown out of the fashion game as being the colour of lacking, grey and its
many shades, accompanied with hints of bold colour and extrovert designs,
are now the choice for design and style amongst even the most unreserved of

We’ve taken a look at the freshest of interiors and picked pieces to suit every
shade of man.


We love these Bone China plates!      This Ella Doran cushion is funky due
They’ll make great dinner party         to the pop art graphics whilst the bright
conversation.                                          border makes it fresh.


grey-yellow-twintone-above                     retro-shapes-orange-54-special-roller-blind-2retro-shapes-orange-54-special-roller-blind-1

We think this lampshade is set             If you just want a little nod of colour in
to be a real game changer in                     your home, then the Options Retro
interior design. You no longer need        Shapes blind from Tuiss is perfect.
a wacky lampshade, that makes it           Simple yet stylish!
impossibe to change the bulb,
to have urbanity!


Slippers aren’t just for grumpy old men.

This pair from Deltoro Shoes are just the thing
for any bachelor to own! If only we could wear
them outside too!



Available in a Large Sofa, Small Sofa or a Chair, the Kennington Sofa will
fit in any size living room. With only tiny pops of colour, and smooth,
exposed wooden legs, you’ll feel sleek and dapper.




With just little pockets of colour and creativity spotted around
the place, you’ll soon find yourself inspired to be your best self.

And if these items have caught your eye, then click the images
to be taken to the retailer.

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