Warm up your home in style with a free thermal lining

February 2nd, 2014 in Exclusives

We’ve had quite a mild winter so far (though that’s not saying much on these shores) but the temperatures are only going to fall over the next couple of months and it might start to feel a little chilly. Not only that but the energy companies are having a field day with their price increases, sending those heating bills skyrocketing.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer free thermal linings on selected rollers, romans and curtains this winter so you can save some money in style. A thermal lining will reflect heat inwards and make a dramatic difference to the temperature in your home, allowing you to keep cosy and warm all season long.

All that means your radiators have to do much less work to heat up a room, so you can turn them right down and still snuggle up in complete comfort.

So simply add a thermal lining option to your order and we’ll put it in your basket completely free of charge to help you cosy up and cut your bills.


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