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Improve Your Sleep With Blackout Blinds

Our bedtime routine impacts our daily lives, so it’s important we learn how to form good sleeping habits. We gathered tips and practices to help you improve your sleep hygiene, from daily routines to the best Blackout Blinds and Curtains. Celebrating World Sleep Day, it’s time to revamp our habits and bedrooms!

V&A William Morris Willow Bough Mink Roman Blind with blackout lining

Quick tips for better sleep.

Good sleep doesn’t start at bedtime. Your daily routines and choices affect your sleep, and these practices can help you work your way up toward healthier sleep habits:

◼️ Aim for at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. A 2013 study found that a regular exercise routine can help contribute to improved sleep.

◼️ Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon and at night. Non-herbal tees and chocolate late at night can also disrupt your sleep. 

◼️ Get exposure to daylight. Getting enough natural light during the day is crucial for keeping your circadian rhythm (body clock) on a healthy cycle. Extra tip: if you can’t go outside, let natural light come in through the windows. Voile Curtains or Day and Night Blinds will be a perfect choice. 

◼️ Avoid screen time before bed. Unplug at least an hour before bedtime by keeping screen use to a minimum. 

Sleep improvement suggestions should also include your bedroom. 

Ideal Home Chinoiserie Duck Egg Roller Blind

Create a sleep-friendly bedroom with Blackout Blinds

The ideal room for sleeping is cool, quiet, and dark. Your bedroom should be a place you associate with rest and sleep, meaning no late-night TV or internet browsing. Creating an optimal bedroom environment will help you build a foundation for more consistent and restful sleep. Here’s how to create an ideal bedroom for a night of healthy, restful sleep:

◼️ Set your bedroom to a comfortable temperature. You’re more likely to experience sleep disruption if your bedroom is too hot or too cold. Extra tip: invest in good quality, made-to-measure window coverings. Thermal Blinds or Curtains with thermal lining will help to keep the optimal temperature in your room all year round. 

◼️ Choose a good pillow and a mattress. Find a comfortable setting that suits your needs.

◼️ Reduce or block out light. It’s easier to sleep well in a dark environment. Blackout blinds keep your space dark even during the day. Our range of window coverings with blackout lining includes Roman Blinds, Rollers, Curtains, Roller Blinds for VELUX® Windows, and our thermally efficient Double Pleated Blinds.

◼️ Improve bedroom ventilation. Refresh the air in your room by opening a window 20 minutes before bedtime. 

Expressions Light Taupe Blackout Blind For VELUX® Windows

A consistent bedtime routine, healthy habits and an optimal environment are key steps to healthier sleep. Try implementing our tips into your daily practice and check our collection of Blackout Blinds and Blackout Curtains for all your window covering needs.