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The Different Types of Curtain Headings

Our wide selection of made-to-measure Curtains comes with a choice of linings and headings; you can choose between pencil pleat, eyelet, double pinch pleat, and wave finishes. But what are the differences and the final results? We explain all our curtain headings below. 

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are the most recognisable curtain finish, creating a simple yet elegant appearance. They provide the traditional pleated look for curtains, with tight gathers along the header, creating a narrow, pencil-like pleat – hence where they get their name! They are typically hung using a rod or pole with rings or clips, and are suitable for a variety of styles and materials.

curtain headings explained - pencil pleat
William Morris Golden Lily Dusk Curtains

They’re also the most customisable kind of curtain heading, the pleats can be pulled as tightly or as loosely together as you’d like. Once you’re satisfied with how the pleats look, simply knot the cord in the header tape and they’re ready to hang! Suitable for both poles and tracks, the heading tape is 75mm deep with three hook positions, and to ensure they hang beautifully, we make pencil pleat curtains to double the fabric width for a luxuriously full look.


Eyelet curtains are characterised by large rings attached to the fabric along the top edge. These rings create a decorative finish and make them the easiest kind of curtains to hang, simply slide them onto a pole, there’s no additional fittings needed!

Hedgerow Cream Curtains & Tuiss Bijou Linen Oatmeal Roman Blind
Hedgerow Cream Curtains & Tuiss Bijou Linen Oatmeal Roman Blind

Eyelet headings offer a more contemporary look, with soft folds created by slightly less fabric being used than for our other curtain headings. Eyelet curtains are made with 1.5-width fullness to achieve these more relaxed folds. The eyelets are 40mm in diameter and are suitable for poles up to 30mm in diameter. The eyelets in Nickel or Antique Brass are evenly spaced over the width of the heading and have 30mm of fabric above the top inner edge of the eyelet.

Double Pinch Pleat

Double pinch pleat curtains feature two rows of small, tight gathers along the top edge, creating a double fold and a more contemporary take on the pencil pleat style. These gathers, known as pinch pleats, allow the fabric to arrange itself neatly into soft folds, and the double fabric fullness accentuates this rippled effect.

curtain headings explained - double pinch pleat
Ideal Home Chinoiserie China Blue Curtains

Double pinch pleat curtains have a classic and luxurious feel featuring permanently sewn-in pleats and are pre-fitted with hooks so they can be hung straight away! Suitable for both poles and tracks, the heading tape is 100mm deep, and the hook can be glided up or down to the perfect position. 

Wave Curtains

Wave Curtains are a simple, sophisticated, and stylish solution for large windows or patio doors. With their very own track included, you can enjoy gentle waves and a neat, uniform finish perfect for the modern home. Pulling back effortlessly to a small stack they also allow lots of light to come flooding through larger windows and doors.

Tuiss Bijou Linen White Curtains

The distinctive S-Wave curtain finish is achieved using a simple, specially designed wave curtain track – provided for free with your curtains – that spaces out those smooth folds evenly and ensures a perfect, flowing appearance every time. We’ll use fabric equal to roughly double the track width for your wave curtains, ensuring deep and uniform folds and beautiful gather.

Now that you got to know the curtain headings and decided on the one you’d like, follow our measuring guide. Make sure to order your free samples!