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A Guide to Thermal Interlining

Our Thermal Interlining not only helps to insulate your room but also adds depth to your Blinds or Curtains, meaning it will hang beautifully at your window and help you lower your energy bills. What else should you know about this type of thermal lining, and why should you consider it this winter? 

The purpose of your blind or curtain is equally important to the look you want to achieve with it. Various fabrics and even colours can help with shading, but what makes a real difference, it’s the lining. Rooms such as bedrooms or children’s rooms would benefit from a blackout lining, whereas kitchens or dayrooms look stunning with gentle sunlight filtered by a light filtering lining on your curtain or blind. All rooms, though, can use extra thermal efficiency during the colder months, and this is where our thermal interlining comes in useful. 

What is thermal interlining?

Thermal interlining is an extra layer of fabric added to our Curtains and Roman blinds, which you can select while choosing your blind/curtain. Three layers of thermal textile are piled together and sawn between the front and the back, adding volume and depth to the blind or curtain. Thermal interlining helps insulate your room and keep your space extra cosy in winter and cool in summer. It also lets a gentle amount of light through, so if you’re looking for complete shading, choose the blackout lining instead. 

Can you use thermal interlining all year long?

Thermal lining on curtains and blinds is not a seasonal type of lining, meaning it will work great in winter and summer. During colder months, it stops the heat from escaping and helps keep your room warm and cosy. In summer, thermal lining works as a reflective barrier, keeping the hot air out. Make sure to keep your blinds or curtains fully closed for optimal results. 

Which blinds and curtains have thermal interlining as an option?

You can upgrade most of our Roman Blinds and Curtains with thermal interlining. Select your lining option while ordering the product and choose between blackout lining, light filtering and thermal interlining. 

Is thermal interlining blackout too? 

The triple-layered insulating fabric will block more sunlight than an unlined curtain or blind, but it won’t fully shade your room. Thermal padding, made of white and fleecy polyester fabric, will softly filter the light. An additional layer of white textile seals the interlining for a sleek finish. 

The advantages of blinds and curtains with thermal lining

There is plenty of benefits to owning blinds or curtains with thermal lining, the main one being insulation. A thick and thermally padded layer sandwiched between the fabrics of the blind/curtain provides an extra layer of insulation and helps save you money on energy bills. 

Thermal lining works efficiently all year round by keeping your home colder in summer and warmer in winter, so there is no need to change your window covering often. Our blinds and curtains, in modern patterns and colours, look fresh and stylish regardless of the thicker feel of the fabric. 

Help your home stay warm all winter and lower your energy bills with thermal lining on curtains and blinds.