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Q&A with Blinds 2go’s Head of Design


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A chic and versatile blind or curtain will bring that stylish finishing touch to any space. With so many styles, designs and fabrics to choose from, there are a lot of options and things to think about to create a cosy and charming space you’ve always dreamed about.

We spoke to the Head of Design here at Blinds 2go, Leah who will be answering the most frequently asked questions to help you pick the perfect window dressing for your home.

What are the most practical fabric types for blinds and curtains?

Polyester or polyester mix fabrics are the most practical for both blinds and curtains as they are suitable for any room in the house and are resistant to damp and humid conditions.  The fabric is resistant to shrinking, rotting and fading and is easy to wipe clean.

Should they be lined?

It really depends on the situation, privacy and room darkening requirements. Lining gives a more of a luxurious feel as well as reducing the amount of light entering the room, but unlined fabrics are also a very stylish option for allowing natural light to gently filter into the room.

Can you mix curtains/blinds at the same window? What works and what doesn’t?

Absolutely! A combination of Wood Venetian blinds and Curtains or Roman Blinds and curtains both make very stylish options. Fabric blinds can be matched to curtains or accent colours picked out from the curtains in the blinds.  Blinds add an extra element of privacy when curtains are opened which is often needed in overlooked situations.

Is it better for sleep to go for blackout or to wake up to natural daylight?

This depends on personal preference but most people opt for blackout blinds for their bedrooms so they are not disturbed by any unwanted light. Blackout roller blinds are a good solution or roman blinds or curtains with a blackout lining.

What would you choose for a tricky window?

There are specialist blinds for bifold and French doors that fit onto the glass and don’t obstruct the doors or the handles such as ClickFit Bifold Door blinds and the PerfectFit blinds for uPVC patio doors.  Most blinds would be suitable for bay windows, as long as the measuring instructions were followed and the blinds adjusted in size to fit into the bay.

How do I know whether to fit inside or outside the recess?

This depends whether your window has a recess or not and also what obstructions there are to fitting the blind inside the recess, such as handles, window fittings and the direction the window opens.  If there are no obstructions then it depends on personal preference but most people prefer to fit their blinds inside the recess and curtains are fitted outside the recess.

Tips for measuring up at home and buying online?

We recommend following the measuring instructions carefully for the specific blind you wish to order and the situation you want to fit it into (such as a bay window or patio door).  Use a metal measuring tape as fabric tapes can stretch or give inaccurate measurements.  Also decide which side you want the blind controls on for convenience of use.  For more information, see our measuring guide.

How do I keep them clean?

Fabric , wood and metal venetian blinds can be dusted with a cloth or even a vacuum cleaner.  For more stubborn stains they can generally be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent, but it is recommended that you check the fabric composition first as silk and linen fabrics may not be suitable.  For more information, visit our guide on cleaning blinds.

Any other tips, advice or opinions?

There are loads of great tips on the Blinds 2go Blog from Kitchens and Bathroom blinds to Interior Design Trends.