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Practical Kitchen and Bathroom Blind Ideas

When it comes to window dressings in your kitchen or bathroom, practicality is key, however, this doesn’t need to come at the expense of style. Despite the constant battle with steam, condensation and humidity there are still plenty of exciting options to choose from for your bathroom blinds.

Waterproof Faux Wood Blinds

The strong faux wood slats are an excellent choice when it comes to humid environments. They’re made from hardwearing PVC, so that means they won’t warp, crack or peel, making them an ideal solution for kitchen and bathrooms.

Not only are they incredibly practical, but they’re super stylish too. At Blinds 2go, we have a beautiful range of Waterproof Faux Wood blinds in various contemporary colours and styles. The clever design combines functionality and flair, which means you can enjoy a stylish window dressing with the natural texture of wood that can also cope with the most challenging environments. It’s a dreamy combination! 

ClickFIT Blinds for BiFold Doors

Our ClickFIT BiFold blinds are a modern solution for the home, acting as a thermal barrier for your windows and doors, they’re the ultimate energy saver.

Our DuoLuxe and DuoShade blinds also benefit from a special honeycomb design that helps to regulate temperature. Lined with aluminium, they’re cool in the summer and cosy in the winter, with the pockets trapping heat to help insulate your home all year round.

You can also control the light with ease with these bathroom blinds, simply push them into a neat stack and let the light flood in, while still maintaining your privacy. The perfect choice for kitchens, the ClickFIT BiFold blinds are super practical and installing them is a breeze too as no drills are needed. Not forgetting, they’re available in lots of contemporary colours, so there’s something for every style and every space.

pleated blinds
BiFold ClickFIT DuoLuxe Pewter Pleated Blind

Enjoy Day & Night

With the Enjoy Day & Night blinds, you get lots of light and plenty of privacy, whilst still being able to enjoy the view outside your window.

The smart design features two layers of fabric, half voile and half roller blind, that you simply line up to either create a voile, a solid roller or something in between. It revolutionises the way you shade your bathroom, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

bathroom roller blinds
Enjoy Luxe Ironstone Roller Blind

Double Roller Blinds

Our Double Roller Blinds feature two separate blinds on one pair of specially designed brackets, one-part magic screen, one-part blackout. They’re incredibly versatile with the blackout material being able to shade and protect your home even on the brightest of days. Meanwhile, the magic-screen offers daytime privacy by allowing you to enjoy the view outside the window, without anyone seeing in.

The combination allows you to control the light in your home and adapt it to your needs. Stylish too, the Double Roller Blinds design is super sleek and sophisticated, easily ticking all the boxes for a kitchen or bathroom blind.

Shutter Blinds

The traditional style of these Shutter Blinds allows your home to really stand out. Let in the sunshine, whilst keeping your privacy at the same time, due to the discreet control bar that lets you adjust the light.

The elegant shutter blinds are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, as they’re extremely durable. They are resistant to warping, cracking and peeling and are made to last. Available in a wonderful selection of on-trend painted finishes that brighten up any space.

San Jose Pure White Shutter Blinds