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June 11th, 2020 in All About Blinds

Here at Blinds 2go, we’re thrilled to have worked with Clarissa Hulse on an exclusive new collection of made to measure blinds and curtains.

Working from her North London studio, Clarissa has been producing hand-printed home accessories for almost 20 years and we’re so excited she has shared her beautiful designs with us and joined our designer collection! 

Clarissa’s design journey began at Brighton Art College where she studied textiles, however her passion for colour and design started much earlier. Spending time in Thailand, Spain, Italy and Greece as a child, she became fascinated with the beauty of nature and vividly remembers spending time exploring colourful flower beds, whilst her mother was busy gardening.

After graduating, she began creating hand-printed scarves, before expanding into home accessories and becoming one of the most respected textile brands in the UK. 

Beautiful botanicals and vivid colour are a combination to be admired and Clarissa has bought her visions to life with this new blinds and curtains collection.

Her design process begins with scouring the countryside for interesting plants and flowers, photographing them and using these to create mood boards and design palettes. Here, she also ties in inspiration from a range of different sources, such as current fashion themes, books, art, ceramics and architecture to aid in creating her final design.

The result is a gorgeous collection of 11 exclusive designs in an energetic spectrum of colours, from vibrant teal and jade, to captivating coral and fuchsia, perfectly complemented with a muted palette of pebble, blush and heather tones.  

Here are just a few highlights…

Watercolour Stripe Sunset

You can enjoy beautiful, vibrant sunsets all year round with this design.  A statement piece for any room, each colourful stripe creates its own little landscape and will create a warming and lively atmosphere among vibrant and muted schemes alike.

Watercolour Stripe Sunset Roman Blind

Rainforest Moss

Nothing evokes nature’s beauty quite like a watercolour. This Rainforest Moss roller blind was designed by Clarissa Hulse using the cloud forests of Costa Rica as her inspiration. The beautiful green tones and layered silhouettes combine on a white background to create a fresh pattern full of tropical depth.

Rainforest Moss Roller Blind

Meadow Storm  

Who doesn’t love a leafy pattern? It’s a timeless classic. Here though, Clarissa has added a designer touch with a bouquet of wildflowers from the Greek countryside picked out in gorgeous ombre tones of grey. 

The intense storm shades make these curtains so usable, while the fabric on which it’s printed make it feel homely and inviting. The design is crisp, contemporary and super stylish and will perfectly harmonise with any surroundings.

Meadow Storm Curtains

With over 130 individual products available, you’re almost spoiled for choice. From roller and roman blinds to elegant curtains, Clarissa’s designs are printed on a selection of beautifully woven soft fabrics which are all made-to-measure. They also offer a choice of linings to give practical shading just as you want it, meaning there really is something for everyone in this collection.

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