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Designer Highlight: Emma Bridgewater

Way back in 1985, Emma Bridgewater faced a moment we’ll all be familiar with: hunting for a birthday present for her mum that would be just right and struggling to find anything that fit the bill.

The gift in Emma’s mind was a pair of cups and saucers emblazoned with the words ‘I love you. I miss you’. Shop after shop and search after a search turned up nothing, the ideal gift she had in mind was nowhere to be found. Not one to give in, Emma decided that if she couldn’t find that perfect gift, she’d make it herself.

Off her design went to the world-class pottery masters in Stoke-on-Trent, and from that moment a brand was born. Ever since that first pair of cups and saucers, Emma’s designs have diversified, expanded and over time have become household favourites for thousands of devoted collectors.

The brand really made its name with earthenware and pottery, the designs harking back to Victorian stamping techniques and drawing inspiration from home comforts, nature and country living.

The brand soon branched out though, moving from the kitchen into every room in the home and stamping its distinctive style on all manner of homewares. Everything from glass and tin wares to stationery, wallpaper and fabrics has enjoyed the Emma Bridgewater treatment in recent years.

So what next? Well, there’s a really important feature of any home that’s in need of some of this homespun charm and cosy style – your windows! We’re pleased as punch to have teamed up with this iconic and home-grown design house, proudly introducing our Emma Bridgewater blinds and curtains collection!

Emma Bridgewater Blinds and Curtains Collection

From cosy Roman blinds to ever-practical rollers, every one of these little beauties is bursting with the kind of signature charisma that Emma Bridgewater has made her name with. Here’s a little selection of some of our favourites!

All beautiful, stylish and truly iconic, this collection is a welcome addition to Blinds 2go and one we’re really excited to share with you.

So, if you’re a lover of home comforts and family contentment then this range is all about you. Transform your space with style and boundless charm, thanks to the inspiring and joyful imagination of Emma Bridgewater.