How to Fit Roof Blinds in Under 3 Minutes

May 5th, 2016 in All About Blinds

We know how tight space can be when you’re trying to fit blinds to your roof windows. So we found the simplest solution and not only put it into a super easy to follow guide but made it into a simple video too.

So whether you’re a reader or a watcher, installing your own blinds has never been so straightforward!

The video is right here, so there’s no need to waste a minute longer…

Thinking of getting a blind for your roof windows? No need to worry about trying to measure it either. Put the tape measure away, you won’t need it. Just find your window code on our list and voila, all the hard work done!


We have blinds to fit most Velux®, Fakro, Keylite & Rooflite/Dakstra windows and they’re all as easy as easy other to install.


The only hard part will be choosing from our beautiful collection. There’s a rainbow of shades and a whole lot of patterns too, so you’re sure to find a blind for your room no matter your style.


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