Alternatives to Net Curtains

November 14th, 2015 in All About Blinds

Are you looking to update your windows with a fresh and versatile window dressing to replace your net curtains? Net curtains aren’t as popular as they once were, however they still have lots of practical and shading benefits.

We’ve pulled a list together of some net curtains alternatives that have all the practical elements you love about net curtains, but with all the style too.

Voile Roller Blinds 

The biggest problem with nets that most people have, is that most of the time they don’t fit the window. They’re usually too big, too long or too wide, spilling over onto your window sill and look a little messy from the outside.

Our voile roller blinds are not only made to your exact measurements, but as they’re a roller blind, you can sit them at whatever height you like and they always look crisp.

Voile Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds always add that delicate touch to a home, with rustic country-cottage vibes across many of our fabrics and the voile roman blinds are no exception. As with the roller blinds, they can be lifted all sorts of heights, but with the beautiful folds, they hold a delicate touch too.

Enjoy Roller Blinds 

If you’re looking to move away from traditional voiles altogether but still want to maintain your privacy, then we have some revolution designs to peak your interest, including the Enjoy Vision Roller Blinds.

Sheer strips alternate with solid colour blocks on a dual-roll of fabric, giving you three beautiful options; full open, open with privacy or fully closed.

Magic Screen

The whole reason to why most of us choose the net materials is to give our home a little more privacy, but sometimes it’s just not enough. This is where our Magic Screens come in. With the magical material, these screens give you even better privacy during the day, without obscuring the view.

Please note though, that once the sun goes down and the lights come on, it’s best to use a secondary drape such as curtains as the effects of the Magic Screens can reverse.

Illusion Blinds 

The newest one to join the crew of privacy heroes is the Illusion roller shade. The Illusion shades come from a similar family as the Enjoy Visions, but instead they have soft fabric vanes that suspend between two voiles.

When open, it appears like a venetian, and looks very similar to the Enjoy Vision when closed. Choose our dimout shades for a darker setting with the vanes closed.

So there you have it – an easy guide to plenty of modern, rustic and stylish alternatives to net curtains.

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