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Trend Watch: Autumn Interiors 2021


As we move into autumn and the days start getting shorter, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to hunker down and make some home improvements. At Blinds 2go and Curtains 2go we have a plethora of patterns, designs and styles to help you create the space of your dreams. We’ve put together a list of this autumn’s biggest interior trends and how to achieve them. 

So, whether you’re moving home, or just in the mood to renovate here are some design styles to get you inspired.  


You may have heard of Scandi design, but have you heard of Japandi? This new design style is the amalgamation of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which values slow-living and contentment, and the more mainstream Scandinavian concept of Hygge, which embraces comfort, cosiness and wellbeing – hence Japandi.

It focuses on cosiness, natural materials, functionality and sustainability. Minimalist yet welcoming, there is a clear way to achieve this aesthetic; use natural materials like wood, rattan and bamboo alongside neutral, muted tones like beige, oatmeal and stone to create this timeless vibe. At Blinds 2go, we have plenty of blinds to help you achieve this look. 

Our Majestic Oak & Sand Faux Wood Blind is the perfect starting point for the Japandi trend. The charming warm faux wood will create that create cosy vibe you’re looking for. Created from a robust PVC and with organic woodgrain, this blind is a great option for your home as the slats are totally waterproof, wipe-clean and will last for years to come. 

San Jose Premium Jet Shutter Blinds

From the Tuiss collection, the San Jose Premium Jet Shutter Blinds are a bold and contemporary take on the Japandi aesthetic. These sleek and sophisticated shutters combine the grain and style of wood with the robust composition of durable PVC. Their dark colourway will contrast beautifully with the natural warmth of the rest of your space. 

Bold Hues 

Rich and luminous, bold hues seem to come around every year and 2021 is no exception. These bold shades are great for colder months are they will infuse your home with colour and warmth, always making an impact in the months where there is less natural light.

Double Roller Navy Blind

Stylish and practical, our range of Double Roller Blinds combine daytime privacy with a sheer roller blind, with the impeccable shading of a blackout roller blind in one easy mechanism. This stunning Double Roller Navy Blind is a bold and classic shade, that will harmonise with almost any accent colour imaginable. 

Warm Neutrals

One of the key colour trends this autumn has to be warm neutrals. After the last year of disruption and instability is it any wonder that people are seeking comforting colours that can create restful and calming spaces? We have a beautiful range of blinds that feature this earthy and nourishing colour palette. They work wonderfully in living rooms and bedrooms where they can be used to increase focus and highlight accent colours.

Cavendish Warm Stone Roman Blind

Roman blinds are an excellent way to dress your window and the Cavendish Warm Stone Roman Blind is a great way to add a neutral colourway into your space. The warm and comforting biscuit colour is the ideal neutral for adapting to autumn interior trends. Paired with a lovely linen effect that emphasises its rustic charm, this blind will add an element of soft texture to your home.

DuoShade Cordless Cornsilk  Thermal Blind

You don’t have to compromise on the thermal or blackout properties of your blind to achieve this autumn trend. Our range of Duoshade and Duolight Blinds are extremely energy efficient and just as stylish too. The DuoShade Cordless Cornsilk Thermal Blind is no exception, its subtle warm neutral shade is immensely versatile and perfect for lightening up your space.

Verona Blackout Oatmeal Roller Blind

Long gone are the days of shuddering at cream tones in your home. No longer boring, cream instils an unparalleled sense of calm and tranquillity in your space. The Verona Blackout Oatmeal Roller Blind is a perfect example of a warm neutral. With blackout lining, a delicate texture and a perfect shade of natural cream, this sleek roller blind will look at home in almost any décor. 

Grand Millennial

The busier cousin of Cottage Core, Grand Millennial style has an affinity for design trends and visuals reminiscent of simpler times. This nostalgic style is categorised by floral patterns, pastel hues, ruffles and layered textures. Old becomes new and fashionable as those trying to achieve a classic ‘homey’ look themselves after a romanticised version of interiors perhaps more recognisable in a grandparent’s home.

William Morris Pimpernel Blush Roller Blind

From our collaboration with the V&A, the William Morris Collection is the perfect example of Grand Millennial style. In a soft colourway of blush pink, blue, green and white, and an instantly recognisable, timeless design, the William Morris Pimpernel Blush Roller Blind is the perfect choice for adding a touch of elegant sophistication to your space.

Rosehip Leaf Blue Curtains

If shades of pink aren’t for you, then Rosehip Leaf Blue Curtains might just be the thing to help you achieve that Grand Millennial look you’re searching for. This curtain from our collaboration with classic brand Emma Bridgewater depicts delicate blue rosehips cascading across a cream background to create a busy yet harmonised window dressing.

We hope to have given you some inspiration for your autumn 2021 interiors with this blog, but this is only the start. Take a look at Blinds 2go and Curtains 2go to find more trending autumn shading solutions today!