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Large windows offer huge benefits in terms of lighting and adding an airy feel to your home, however, despite the abundance of light they offer they can be challenging to work with when decorating your space. We asked our friends over at, the furniture and furnishings website that’s revolutionising the way we search and compare products for our home to provide us with their top tips for decorating rooms with large windows.

Enjoy The View

If you’re lucky enough to have large windows in your home our top tip is not to detract from the view! One of the biggest advantages of large windows is amplifying your view. Avoid cluttering the space or obstructing the windows with furniture. Instead, make smart space and furniture decisions to give your windows room to shine!

Bring The Outdoors In

Large windows are perfect for allowing you to admire the great outdoors so why not take your cue from this and inject some of the great outdoors inside? Through the use of faux plants and earthy tones you’ll keep your space light and natural while creating a continuation of your outdoor space, indoors.

decorating tips
Faux Potted Banana Plant by Graham & Green

decorating tips
Faux Calathea Plant in Pot by Perch & Parrow
decorating tips
Costello 2.5 Seat Sofa in Royal Fern Brushed Linen Cotton by

Add Some Warmth

As the colder months set in, add some extra warmth to your space with a range of soft furnishings. We recommend adding a selection of throws and rugs in natural, warm colours such as browns, creams and golds to add some cosiness to the space. In the summer when the weather starts to warm up you can easily store these soft furnishings away in a wicker basket which is both practical and stylish. 

Moss Stitch Knitted Throw by Cox & Cox
La Coupeé Teal Rug – 120 x 180 cm / Teal / Wool by Claire Gaudion

Star Piece

Whether your space is used as your dining room, living room or bedroom be sure to place your most interesting piece of furniture front and center framed by the windows. Choose a luxurious dining table that can be placed facing your windows, a beautiful sofa pointed at a right angle to the window to make use of the lighting without distracting from the view or a statement bed that you can take the view in from.

Florini V Black Dining Table and 6 Grey Pesaro Black Leg Chairs by Furniturebox

Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed (King) by The French Bedroom Company

Capitalise On Light

The biggest benefit of rooms with large windows is the large amount of light the room receives. However, this level of light can become overwhelming in the brighter months. Therefore it’s important to create a balance between items that add light to the room and items that absorb light. 

Items that typically add light to your room include reflective surfaces, mirrors and lamps. These should be balanced out with light-absorbing pieces such as matte finished items of furniture, wood finished items and low sheen fabrics such as canvas, cotton and boucle. Implementing an 80/20 approach with 80% light absorbing items and 20% light-emitting items will ensure that your room doesn’t feel overwhelmingly bright. In winter months when natural light is lower, more reflective items can be added to bring a better balance to the space.

decorating tips
Winslow Brass Floor Lamp by Graham & Green
Coco Dining Chair in Canvas Pure Belgian Linen by

We hope the top tips will help you when it comes to decorating your rooms with large windows. To search and discover over one million products from 100+ furniture retailers across the entire market, simply click here.

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