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The New Collection of Blinds and Curtains from Scion


Jazz up your home with energetic prints or unwind in the simplicity and calmness of Japandi-inspired patterns and more with our Scion blinds and curtains.

What can we say… We love Scion! Their cheerful prints, funky characters, and their contemporary twist on traditional designs are a delightful addition to our house of brands. The iconic Mr Fox, amongst many other figures, has been a staple in our collection, printed on both blinds and curtains and a popular and much-loved choice!

Once again, you can bring Scion’s most recognisable works in a refreshed array of prints and patterns to your windows. Crafted from beautiful fabrics, our new range of blinds and curtains features an abundance of cheeky characters, as well as sophisticated designs that bring calmness and zen.

Become reacquainted with some iconic favourites and get to know Scion’s new exclusive collection for Blinds 2go!

Reunite with the enigmatic Mr Fox

Transform your home with the iconic Mr Fox. Choose between Pop Art inspired shades of ochre, burnt amber or peachy nectar tones that can effortlessly inject freshness into your space.

Mr Fox Charcoal Roller Blind

For a bold look, opt for the dark tones of Mr Fox Charcoal which fits perfectly into a deeper colour scheme to add a pop of playful colour.

Become a jungle VIP 

The new kid on the block, Lionel, is on hand to transform your home into a jungle of possibilities. Look for the bare necessities as fresh tropical vibes enhance your adventurous spirit at home.

Refresh your look with these tranquil blue hues – will you fly high with Sky or deep dive for Pacific?

Embellish with Epsilon

Welcome calm clarity to your space with Picasso-inspired Epsilon blinds and curtains. Abstract lines bring a playful personality to the room and sophisticated art school vibes create a talking piece within your home. 

Show off your spectacular style by pairing with textured throws and cushions to lift the scheme, adding depth and drama. Epsilon curtains in Cloud provide light, Scandi vibes with a twist.

Rejuvenate your Japandi style with Aikyo

The luscious Japandi vibe of Aikyo adds elegance to the room, through the geometric forms. Incorporate dark wooden furniture and pops of colour for that energetic space you’ve been seeking.

Aikyo Ink Roman Blind

From iconic favourites to new faces, there’s a personality for every home mood. Discover our whole new range of Scion’s blinds and curtains.