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Stylish and Functional Conservatory Blinds to Keep You Cool this Summer


Windows are without a doubt one of the most important focal points in any room. Large scale glass doors or conservatories are wonderful additions to a home, flooding the room with natural light and bringing the outside in. However, with temperature rising for spring and summer, we want to help you create a relaxing and shaded haven to spend time in. Our conservatory blinds for summer are the perfect solution!

For large patio doors and windows, it’s essential to have blinds that minimise the sun’s rays and help to keep your home cool in summer. Our made-to-measure conservatory blinds offer more than just a decorative element to a space. Light and temperature regulation is just another innovative feature that strikes the right balance between functionality and looks. 

PerfectFIT Blinds

Complete with their very own integral PerfectFIT frame, these blinds are easy to fit, plus you can raise and lower them from both the top and bottom for light control tailored to your needs. What’s more, they have great thermal properties too, effectively insulating your conservatory throughout the year.

PerfectFit DuoShade Mosaic Cool Grey Thermal Blind

EasiFIT Blinds

Frame-less and a tool-free installation, these blinds offer exceptional thermal properties with small honeycomb pockets for both helping to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and insulating in the colder months too. 

Conservatory blinds
DuoLight Arctic White EasiFit Thermal Blind

PerfectFIT Venetian Blinds

A great choice for conservatories, these Venetian Blinds come loaded into frames that simply clip into your windows, fitting perfectly! Choose just how much light you want to filter through whilst keeping your privacy protected.

Conservatory blinds
Gloss White PerfectFit Venetian Blind

Privacy Sheers

Our Privacy Sheers are an innovative solution for both privacy and light control and are a great option for French Windows or Bi-Folds. The cleverly designed vertical louvres combine delicate sheer voiles and opaque fabric that can be switched with just a simple twist of the control, these blinds offer fantastic flexibility in light filtering and coverage. 

conservatory blinds
Lucia Bright White Privacy Sheer

Every home has its own unique requirements, but it’s about finding the right option to perfectly frame a view. With our conservatory blinds, you can transform your space whilst having control over the levels of sunlight and shade, and enjoy your conservatory even on the warmest summer days.