PerfectFIT for a Perfect Conservatory.

April 18th, 2015 in All About Blinds

Home improvements can be a nightmare! You lose a screw, you’re stuck. You’ve lost your drill bit, stuck again. And by the time you’ve replaced them, you’ve lost something else entirely. But enough is enough.

Take the struggle out of Home Improvement Month with the PerfectFIT range. The PerfectFIT frame becomes an integral part of your window and helps prevent light entering down the sides, enhancing privacy and improving insulation. (If you need a little help with measuring for the perfect fit, check out our handy little guide.)

The integrated frame simply clicks into place for a perfect fit every time. And with no need for screws, drills or tools, you can get your perfect look with the perfect amount of fuss- none at all. Don’t worry, we have a video for installing your beautiful new blinds too– it’s easy like a Sunday morning!


With over 50 stunning shades to fit your style and home, finding your perfect design has become a breeze. So whether you’re looking for an Energetic Green, Purple Sunset or that perfect shade of blue, we’ve got just the match.



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