Perfect fit blinds, just perfect for your conservatory

October 5th, 2009 in All About Blinds

Conservatory blinds present some very real challenges to our customers. There are usually more blinds in the average conservatory than in the average house so cost becomes very important. Also it is difficult to fix in a conservatory and drilling into the frame can be messy. Finally as there are no window “recesses” to fit the blinds into they can look a little messy.

As I’m sure you were expecting we have solved these three issues with not one but two ranges of conservatory blinds. So different are conservatories that we even have a specialist page dedicated to them, visit conservatory blinds2go.

On the site we offer two main styles of blind:

Perfect Fit Blinds

A fantastic venetian blind which we have designed to utilise the perfect fit frame. The perfect fit frame allows us to offer a blind that sits snugly against the windows with any potential gaps at the sides expertly covered by the frame. Of course we wouldn’t dream of asking you to drill or screw into your conservatory, these perfect fit blinds simply slot on to special brackets that slide in between the glass and beading of your window. So, you don’t have to worry about how to fit venetian blinds in your conservatory, we’ve made it easy.

Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds

To see how much the conservatory blinds cost, enter your measurements for an instant price and transform your conservatory.

EasiFIT Blinds

These conservatory blinds offer unrivalled thermal properties, not only do they keep your conservatory cool in the summer but they also insulate in the colder months, saving money on your bills! Once again we wouldn’t dream of asking you to drill into your conservatory, these blinds simply slot into your windows or doors. These blinds are frame-less but have a very slim profile and fit neatly into the window.

From £20.44, enter your measurements for an instant price to see how much these conservatory blinds will cost.

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