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How To Keep Cool This Summer Using Your Blinds or Curtains

Summer has arrived in the UK and this year, we are really feeling the heat! As much as we love to take advantage of the sunshine by hosting BBQs and dining al fresco, sometimes staying indoors is the best option. With temperature’s reaching up to mid-30s this summer, we have some tips and tricks to help keep you cool and protected from the heat just by using our blinds or curtains.

Keep your Curtains or Blinds closed

Something which is simple, yet effective is layering up your blinds with curtains and ensuring that you keep them closed when hot – this works the most efficiently if you make sure they’re closed in the morning before the temperature rises throughout the day.

curtains for summer
Ideal Home Inky Botanical Tropical Curtains

Upgrade to Thermal lining

Available on a wide selection of our Roman BlindsRoller Blinds and Curtains, a popular option for the summer weather is our Thermal lining, which is designed to help keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter, and is especially helpful to block out the light of these bright sunny mornings too. 

bedroom roman blind
Albany Ice Roman Blind

Choose your window dressing for all seasons

Light coloured curtains are a must for the summertime, reflecting the sun away rather than absorbing it as dark fabrics do. Effortlessly transcend the seasons and opt for a timeless white for a colour that will never go out of style.

Our Privacy Sheers are a perfect choice for patio and BiFold doors. Thanks to cleverly designed vertical louvres that combine delicate voile and opaque fabric, with a simple twist you can enjoy both light and privacy, allowing you to tailor shading effortlessly to your home.

blinds for kitchens
Lucia Bright White Privacy Sheers

Energy costs are at an all time high, so as much as we want to turn on every fan and blast the air conditioning we understand it is not always an option. Our energy efficient DuoShade Thermal Blinds are a great way to insulate your home as the aluminium lined honeycomb pockets help to keep your home cool.

DuoLight Ash Grey Thermal Blind

We hope these tips and tricks help you to endure the warmer months, check out Blinds 2go for a range of practical yet stylish options for your home.