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What are the Best Blinds for BiFold Doors?

What are the best blinds for BiFold Doors?

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next set of BiFold Door Blinds, we have you covered. With the unique nature of their concertina style opening, you’ll want a blind that takes up the least space possible and can be operated effortlessly regardless of your door’s position. From types of blinds that help you improve energy efficiency throughout the year to blackout fabrics that help you stop light in its tracks, explore our top recommendations below.

Are Pleated Blinds Suitable for BiFold Doors?

Featuring an accordion design that looks ever so elegant at your doors, our ClickFIT Pleated Blinds have a slimline design that enables you to pull your BiFold Doors into a neat stack without the blinds getting caught in the way. Available in a plethora of light and dark shades to match almost any setting, they’re both a practical and stylish option. 

With cordless operation via a handle at the bottom of the blind and clipping directly to your door frame, these No Drill Pleated Blinds are a breeze to install and easy to operate. They can be fitted to uPVC windows too, so you can match them in all windows in your home!

BiFold ClickFIT DuoShade Obsidian Pleated Blind
BiFold ClickFIT DuoShade Obsidian Pleated Blind

ClickFIT Thermal Pleated Blinds 

These blinds use the same no drill system as ClickFIT Pleated Blinds, clipping directly to your BiFold door or uPVC window frame, with the added benefit of superior energy saving qualities. The fabric of our ClickFIT Thermal Pleated Blinds is made from honeycomb pockets that trap the air and help to insulate your space all through the year, as well as offering a choice of blackout or light filtering lining.

Starting with our DuoShade option, their pockets are lined with aluminium, offering further blackout shading than a standard Pleated Blind to help keep sun glare to a minimum – perfect for doors leading to the outside. 

Alternatively, DuoLuxe Pleated Thermal Blinds offer the same insulating properties while allowing light to gently filter through the fabric, keeping your room feeling bright and airy throughout the day even when closed.

DuoLuxe BiFold Ash Thermal Pleated Blind
BiFold ClickFIT DuoLuxe Ash Thermal Pleated Blind

Are Day & Night Thermal Blinds Suitable for BiFold Doors?

If you’re looking for versatile light control and privacy around the clock, look no further than our Day and Night Thermal Blinds for BiFold Doors. One half sheer and the other half opaque, the dual fabric allows you to raise your blind for a clear view to the outside or lower it for blackout shading, Plus, the honeycomb pockets help you improve insulation inside your home by trapping the heat at your window.

Alternatively, our Adapt Pleated Blinds feature a free-floating mechanism that allows you to move your blind from the top down and bottom up, so you can enjoy innovative shading, your way. 

BiFold Night & Day Duo Andesite Pleated Blind
BiFold Night & Day Duo Andesite Pleated Blind

Are Venetian Blinds Suitable for BiFold Doors? 

Venetian Blinds don’t just work wonders in standard windows – they’re perfect for BiFold Doors too! Replacing cords with a tilt control wheel on the left or right hand side of the blind, benefit from tailored light control throughout the day by rotating the slats to suit your shading needs.

You can also raise them into a stack to allow for an unobstructed view to the outside, or conversely lower them to give you complete privacy in your home.

BiFold Ecru Venetian Blind
BiFold Ecru Venetian Blind

Similar to our BiFold Pleated designs, these Venetian Blinds attach directly to your uPVC windows or aluminium borders via a drill-free system that’s super easy to install, so you can have them up and running in moments. 

Find More Inspiration for Your Windows

If you love the look of our Pleated Blinds on your BiFold Doors, they work wonders in other windows in your home too. Explore our range of Pleated Blinds and find the perfect style for you.

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