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Cushions FAQ

You asked, we listened – welcome to our comprehensive guide to all things cushions! Let’s delve into the most commonly asked questions we get about our gorgeous range of cushions.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect addition to your living room, or simply seeking the best advice on cushion care and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s unravel the mysteries of cushion shopping and ensure you find the perfect, plush solution to elevate your comfort and decor!

What colours and designs are available?

From pink to gold and floral to striped, our stunning collection of cushions is available in a vast array of patterns and colours, so you’re sure to find something that perfectly suits your home!

You can find our recommendations for which cushions will complement your blinds or curtains best on the product page of each window covering, or you can browse through the whole collection and see where your creativity takes you.

Plus, if you have any of our stunning designer blinds or curtains, you can find cushions available in prints designed to perfectly complement these beautiful fabrics in the Clarissa Hulse, Tuiss, William Morris, or Ideal Home collections.

Unlike our blinds and curtains, samples aren’t available for our cushions. But worry not, our cushions are ready-made so if you receive them and they don’t quite go with your decor, simply get in touch with us within 14 days of delivery to arrange a return for a refund!

William Morris Cushions
William Morris Cushions designed in collaboration with the V&A

Do the cushions come with a filling?

All of our cushions have a feather filling, and in many cases the option of a hypoallergenic polyester filling too, the best option to go for depends on what you’re most looking for from your cushions.

Soft, practical and cost-effective, polyester filling keeps your cushions looking neat and stylish. This simple padding means your cushions will spring back into shape consistently for years to come, not to mention its hypoallergenic properties that will help keep your cushions free of allergens.

Soft duck feather filling is the perfect choice for a cosy and sumptuous cushion. This luxury filling will conform to your shape as you recline for ultimate comfort. Feathers are a natural and indulgent choice and they retain less heat than other materials, so those afternoon naps on the sofa will always be comfortable.

Velvet Cushions

How to choose scatter cushions?

There isn’t really one set way to choose your scatter cushions, rather there’s a range of factors to consider. The main points to consider are the size of the area you’re putting the cushions on, the colour or pattern scheme of the room, and the different materials already used in the space.

How many cushions do you need?

It’s essential to consider the size of the area as having too many cushions can make the space appear more cluttered; it can actually make a sofa or bed more uncomfortable or difficult to use.

For ease, we’ll talk about the size of the area in terms of sofa sizing, but this can apply to any space you’re putting cushions (like a windowsill or a bed instead for example).

A great rule of thumb is one or two cushions per seat depending on the final look you’re going for. Also consider the depth of the space; the deeper your sofa, bed, or windowsill, the more cushions you can use, whereas narrower spaces benefit from fewer and smaller cushions.

Generally, fewer cushions reflect a more minimalist design, and an even number of cushions create a more balanced and symmetrical look.

Ideal Home Inky Botanical Tropical, Athena Velvet Paprika and Athena Velvet Peacock & Paprika Cushions

How to arrange cushions?

The 2-1-2 arrangement is perhaps the most popular way to style cushions; this involves having a large cushion in each corner, a smaller cushion next to them, and finally a fifth cushion in the middle of the space.

This is a great way to play around with different sizes and shapes, a rectangular cushion can work a treat in the centre with square cushions in different sizes flanking it.

If you’re after a more formal appearance, arranging cushions symmetrically is a great way to achieve this.

For smaller spaces, this would mean having one cushion on either side, or particularly large spaces can benefit from two or even three cushions placed at each end. If two cushions don’t quite look like enough, placing a third in the middle is a great way to fill the space out.

William Morris Cushions
William Morris Willow Bough Mink, William Morris Pimpernel Dove Grey and William Morris Sunflower Linen Cushions

For a more informal arrangement, grouping your cushions to one side instantly makes the space feel more relaxed and casual.

To emphasise this even more, opt for an odd number of cushions. Why? The odd number rule (and in particular the odd number rule of three) has been a long-held design practice, with the idea being that things arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing and interesting to us.

For example, three chairs placed around a table feels more relaxed and inviting than two chairs side by side. The same rule applies to cushions, having three cushions scattered appears less rigid and formal than four do.

If you have a more eclectic taste, why not use a mix of patterns to reflect this in your space? Choose the same design in different colours, similar shades but different prints, or go all out and choose two completely contrasting cushions – have some fun and see what works best for your space!

Ideal Home Chinoiserie China Blue Curtains and their complementary Ideal Home Chinoiserie China Blue Cushion

What sizes are available?

Our cushions come in 7 different sizes, from square sizes like 43cm x 43cm to oblong cushions at 60cm x 30cm. You can filter the results on our cushions page by the size you’re looking for using our handy ‘Cushion Size’ filter.

William Morris Cushions designed in collaboration with the V&A

Can you clean scatter cushions?

In short, yes! All of our cushions come with a care label on the inside of the cover detailing how we would recommend keeping them pristine without damaging the fabric.

Cleaning cushions is very similar to cleaning Roman Blinds as they’re both made from soft fabrics, dry cleaning is the best way to ensure they don’t become damaged, but as with Roman Blinds, the most crucial consideration to make is what material the cushion cover is made from. For instance, cleaning velvet requires a different approach to cleaning satin.

If your cushions just need a quick touch-up, you can use an upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently dust it down. Be gentle and don’t press too hard on the fabric to avoid damaging it.

The best way to keep your cushions fresh is to have them dry-cleaned – this will guarantee their safe return regardless of what material they are made from. This is especially true for any silk or linen fabrics; they are dry-clean only and shouldn’t be spot-cleaned.

Ideal Home Chinoiserie Duck Egg Roller Blind and its complementary Ideal Home Chinoiserie Duck Egg Cushions

What is the delivery time?

Our cushions only have a lead time of 3-5 working days, so if you order them on a Monday, they could be out for delivery to you by Friday!

All of our cushions are delivered by Evri, so once dispatched, you can download the Evri app for additional delivery options like requesting specific delivery dates or adding safe places where parcels can be left if you can’t accept the delivery.

Hopefully, this has answered all of your cushions questions and now you’re ready to pick your newest home accessory! If there’s anything you’d like to know that we haven’t covered here, get in touch with our friendly customer service team who are on hand to answer any questions you may have 7 days a week. Happy shopping!