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The Best Blinds for Sheds, Garages & Outbuildings

Most outbuildings are homes for old tins of paint and rusting bikes, but also expensive equipment like lawn mowers, power drills but also collections of tools that have been lovingly built up over the years. If you own a garden office or summerhouse, then privacy is a must, in order to keep expensive gadgets and office equipment secure.

As your garden building is unlikely to be heated all of the time, any window blind that goes up needs to be moisture resistant so that it will last against the elements. Your options include PVC, or Metal Venetian Blinds, which all have longevity and will continue to look great throughout the seasons. Discover our selection of made-to-measure blinds for sheds, garages and summer houses.

Blinds for Sheds

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes (and states of repair and disrepair!). The best option for these sheds is a PVC Roller Blind. It offers great value for money and will do the job perfectly.

Blinds for Outbuildings

This space will be in demand in the warmer months, so you’ll want a blind that’s in keeping with the convivial atmosphere. One of our Roller Blinds will give a contemporary feel to the space, and a Voile Roller Blind will also help with shading but still keep the light flooding in. Alternatively, an elegant aluminium Venetian Blind will add a light and breezy feel.


Blinds for Garages

For your garage, we recommend a metal Venetian Blind. Not only will this allow you to precisely control sunlight filtering into your room, but it’ll also provide a perfect view to the outside with quick adjustment. With the durable qualities of a metal Venetian Blind, they’re guaranteed to thrive across the seasons.

Blinds for Home Office

Blinds for Home Offices

This space will need the protection from the beaming sun but also natural daylight to create a calming working environment. For your home office blinds, a grey Roller Blind will work wonders when adding a contemporary touch. If you’re after the best of both worlds, we also recommend a Double Roller Blind, with a light filtering and blackout blind on one set of brackets.