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Meet The Designer: Molly

Ever wondered how we come up with so many different patterns and prints? As well as working alongside designer brands to make stylish window coverings, we also have a team of in-house designers who create beautifully illustrated fabrics that make the perfect finishing touch for any space.

We sat down with Molly, a designer here at Blinds 2go, to chat about her collection ‘Nurtured by Nature’ and what inspires her to create these stunning designs.

What made you choose to become a designer?

Throughout my education I always gravitated towards creative subjects, textile design was one of my favourites as it gave me an outlet to explore how using materials with different applications can create such a wide variety of results. I love working with different colour palettes as well, so the idea of being able to use this passion to create a career working with patterns really excited me.

Where do you find your main source of inspiration for your designs?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from the world around me; from universal experiences like nature and architecture, down to the littlest details in the packaging design and prints that permeate our everyday lives, inspiration really can strike from anywhere. Shop fronts are a great place to get ideas, the way they combine so many elements to display the character of the store is a great way of showing how you can tie varying textures and patterns together harmoniously. And of course, interior design and ongoing trends are a huge source of inspiration when designing home furnishings too.

How would you describe your style?

I love everything Mid-century and Scandinavian-inspired, Nordic design allows you to strip back the unnecessary to really focus on the essential elements, and draw on lots of colours rooted in nature to create warm and calming spaces. I am also drawn to anything with handcrafted elements, they create unique designs that can’t be matched by industrial patterns.

What makes a room feel right to you?

Rooms that mix lots of different elements, combining bold colours with more neutral tones, experimenting with different textures, and finishing off with patterned furniture resonate a lot with me. When all of these different and contrasting elements combine in a really seamless and natural way, it creates rooms full of character. I particularly enjoy rooms that mix more traditional elements as well to give the space a timeless feel. Any kind of natural features that can be brought in are also really important, making the space feel more sustainable and long-lasting.

If you could hop into a time machine and live and decorate in any other era, which one would it be?

It would have to be the 1950s. Design in the post-war era was an exuberance of patterned prints, especially on wallpaper, and gave designers a new level of freedom to create really radiant and bold spaces. Much of the design was a cross of Danish homeware and futuristic ideas too, so interior décor started to take a lot of influence from Scandinavian design to create dynamic pieces with a heavy focus on space exploration and new technologies. Fabric often featured bold designs, mixing atomic graphics with nature-inspired prints, it really struck that balance I love between new and traditional concepts and allowed a great degree of experimentation.

You can find Molly’s designs across Curtains, Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds on our website.