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Blinds Australia :: Around the world with Blinds 2go

First the bad news, we don’t sell blinds in Australia. On to the good news we know a great company that does. As the longest established online blinds company in UK and one of the first in the world we seem to be mentioned on a lot of pages in […]

Take one blind :: White wooden blinds

Take one blind … White wooden blinds are a timeless classic. They give any space a sophisticated edge and help to keep rooms light and bright. At Blinds 2go there are a host of white wooden blinds and featured below are three favourites, White Blush, Parchment White and Frost White. […]

Take one blind :: Ocean Summer Sky

Take one blind … This roller blind ticks lots of boxes, not only is it a great colour, it’s also made from PVC so it will perform brilliantly in tricky places such as steamy kitchens or bathrooms. Have a look at this blog post for more info on PVC blinds […]

Take one blind :: Tallow Cream wooden blind

Take one blind … The tallow cream wooden blind is a popular choice in our 50mm range and looks simply stunning. The colour is a traditional cream with plenty of depth and character. Quality as usual is second to none, crafted from high quality solid Basswood with matching wooden pelmet […]

Perfect fit blinds, just perfect for your conservatory

Conservatory blinds present some very real challenges to our customers. There are usually more blinds in the average conservatory than in the average house so cost becomes very important. Also it is difficult to fix in a conservatory and drilling into the frame can be messy. Finally as there are […]

Are darker or lighter colours better for blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds are one of our best selling ranges but are also the type of blind that we get quite a few questions about. The most common question is: are darker or lighter colours better for blackout blinds? It is an easy question for us as all of our blackout […]

Play that funky music :: Musical blinds

We love new ideas here at blinds 2go and boy do we have a new idea for you! Just a design concept at this stage but how does the idea of a musical blind grab you? Designed by Will Gurley to integrate play for children in to adult environments, the […]

Blinds Blogs :: The Finishing Touch

We are not the only people blogging about the wonderful world of blinds so we thought we would introduce you to another blog that, we think, is well worth a read. The Finishing Touch is the blog of America’s leading online blinds company,, and is edited in the main […]

Measuring Blinds Made Easy!

If you are considering installing blinds in your home, at some point you will have to take the measurements. This can appear to be quite a daunting task, especially if you have never done this before. The truth of the matter is that it’s quite easy and there are a […]

Perfect Projection :: Home Cinema Blinds

If you’re planning a new home cinema (ok, I accept that the picture above maybe a little ambitious :D) then the chances are that you will need to darken the room. There is an opportunity here, not only to stop the light but also to cut the cost of a […]