Why Choose Thermal Lining?

November 1st, 2015 in All About Blinds

With a Free Thermal Lining offer spread across Blinds 2go and Curtains 2go, we thought now is as good a time as any to tell you exactly why thermal lining is the option you should be choosing this winter. We’ve cut all the jargon and are going to tell you why, just plain and simple.

So What Is Thermal Lining?

Thermal lining is one of the options that we offer on over 500 roman blinds, over 550 curtains and just over 100 of our Choices roller blinds. Sometimes we call it energy-saving too, depending on the type of product, but it’s essentially the same thing.


How Does It Work?

We line the back of your blinds or curtains with this special fabric, and it works hard to reflect the heat back out of your room.


It is important to note that here, heat refers to both the hot and cold air, whichever is on the other side of that window. So we’re not talking about the central heating or the air conditioning.

Since it’s a thicker fabric too, the thermal lining helps to keep the heating in the home for longer. It’s like a toasty blanket at your windows, only it looks a whole lot nicer.

Why Is It Better?

Not only does this help to keep jack frost at bay, making your home feel that little bit warmer but thermal lining also means that it takes less energy to heat your home, as it doesn’t have to fight with the draughty windows.

So you can turn the thermostat down a few degrees or just switch the whole thing off for a little bit longer during the day.

Which Fabrics Have This Option?

We like to make finding products as easy as possible, so in short, almost all of the roman blinds, Choices roller blinds and curtains. They all have an easy to spot Free Thermal Lining logo on them.


The only products in these categories that are not included are the ones that come self-lined (such as the Eternity Linen and Real Silk), and voiles.

Where Can I Find Them All?

Right here with these three simple links!


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