7 Reasons Why Cordless DuoShade Are The Ultimate Children’s Blind

April 21st, 2016 in All About Blinds

Are you the kind of parent that freaks out at every slip, trip and fall your little one makes? Someone who has gone to absolutely all lengths to childproof the home? Rounded table corners, cupboard locks, almost all of your belongings moved at least two metres off the ground?

Well, we don’t blame you. Life’s scary!

But when it came to giving your little one’s bedroom a window dressing, did you choose something that was pretty rather than practical? Why stop the safety when it comes to choosing window blinds?


Even though all of our blinds have child-safety features fitted and are designed to be as safe as they can, there is one way to ensure that safety is not an issue again. That way is with Cordless DuoShade Blinds from Blinds 2go and it’s the ultimate children’s blind…

What Are Cordless DuoShade Blinds?


Made up of beautiful honeycomb shaped pockets, perfectly arranged, the Cordless DuoShade Blind is a pleated blind without any of the exposed wires, cords, loops or chains you’d usually find.

And just like our standard DuoShade blinds, the Cordless collection are lined giving you excellent blackout and insulation properties.

Why Are They The Ultimate Children’s Blind?

  1. Designed to be utterly Child-Safe, they give you extra peace of mind. No toggles, no cords and no chains.
  2. They perfectly harmonise with your little one’s rooms with 6 soft shades to choose from.
  3. Lined pleats give the blind it’s blackout properties, keeping out the light for a perfect nap time both day and night.
  4. Honeycomb pockets act as a subtle noise barrier, meaning fewer disturbances in the night.
  5. They’re the ultimate insulator. No need to worry about your little one getting too hot or cold during slumber.
  6. Easy to lift operation lets you open them fast and with ease.
  7. Save a few pennies for nicer things. It’s our best energy saving design.


They don’t have to be used exclusively in a kid’s bedroom though. All the great benefits work in any room in the house. Plus with the option of DuoLight blinds as cordless too, there’s really no reason not to order one today!

Order now by clicking here.


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