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September 7th, 2018 in All About Blinds

Finding all the right little touches for your home makeover is key, whether you’re renovating your whole house or just refreshing a tired room. A key feature for any space is its windows, so you want a window dressing that really stands out.


As well as that though, you want something that just works. Practicality is just as vital as beauty, so finding the right balance is important.


Luckily, practicality and beauty are two things with which our collection is bursting at the seams! In this post series we’ll look at the types of blinds that work perfectly in each room of your house, room by room. We’ll look at the blinds that work best, look the most stunning, and fit in perfectly with this year’s interior trends.


Let’s start with…


The Kitchen

Cordes Cotton Roller Blind


Last month, Houzz published their 2018 Houzz & Home Study,  a survey of their users that asks which rooms they’re most concerned with renovating. The most popular room by far was, you guessed it, the humble kitchen.


That’s nothing new though, as the family hub has for years been at the top spot as a starting point for home makeovers. A few years of condensation and cooking splatters might have made your kitchen fade from its former glory, or you might be planning a full overhaul. Either way a new window dressing can be an uplifting, transformative feature.


But what to choose? What needs to be considered to make sure you’re picking the right blind? And just as importantly, what’s going to look amazing? Well, we’ll start with the window…


Is the Window Close to the Sink or the Oven?


Steam, sprays and splashes can dampen a blind and give mould a foothold to start growing. Spots of sauce from your culinary adventures might be inevitable in a well-used kitchen too, but neither the damp nor the stains need be a permanent problem.


If you need something you can wipe down at a moment’s notice, something that’s 100% proof against water and steam, then we’ve got quite the selection to choose from!


Above: Our San Jose Premium Jet Shutters


For dramatic impact you just can’t beat our jaw-dropping shutters, just like the picture above. Rock-solid and reliable and made from an incredibly robust polymer, they’ll shrug off even the heaviest downpour. Adjust the angle of the slats for great control of your light and privacy or fling them wide open for a full view, they’re as practical as they come.


And as you can see from the example above, they’re available in a range of gorgeous colours and shades to suit any home.


Above: Our Parchment Faux Wooden blind


For a less dramatic look that’s still sleek and modern, how about our dazzling selection of faux wooden blinds? Just like shutters, they’re made of PVC so they’re 100% waterproof and refuse to warp no matter how wet you get them. The sats are easily wipe-clean too, whether you choose a flat finish or one with a subtle woodgrain effect.


The selection of colours and shades available is simply stunning, from flat whites and creams through every wood shade you could wish for, into greys, blacks and even some blue and sage offerings.


Above: Our Premium Crushed Silver Venetian Blind


Then there’s the last – but by no means least – of our slatted offerings, our aluminium Venetian blinds, of course!


A long time favourite for kitchens and bathrooms, they have adjustable slats for easy and versatile control of both light and privacy, they’re extremely slimline, light and discreet, straightforward, reliable and incredibly hard-wearing, 100% waterproof and easy to wipe clean or dust. Phew! What a list of features!


Oh, did we mention that besides the dozens of crisp colours and cool shades available in the collection, there are even woodgrain finishes and eye-catching textures too?


Above: The Splash Kamanu Zest roller blind


They might be a classic choice for practicality, but that’s not all our roller collection has going for it! From snuggly textures to exclusive designer patterns, there’s something for everyone – even our waterproof rollers dazzle with style, just look at that Kamanu Zest pattern above, from our Harlequin Additions collection.


A tight PVC weave makes them 100% waterproof and effortlessly wipe-clean, not to mention blackout too, for total privacy and amazing shading.


Above: Our Alicante Marble Silver PVC vertical blind


One of the most practical and versatile offerings in our collection, our vertical blinds really are the workhorses of the blinds world! Sure, they divide opinions like no other window dressing, but if you’re a believer then there’s an enormous range of colours and styles available for you to choose from. And, of course, there’s a whole range of totally waterproof vertical blinds too.


The same fabric as waterproof rollers, they’re endlessly reliable and hardwearing. They’re modular too – as the louvres simply hook onto a headrail, they can be easily swapped out for another colour or style as the mood takes you, or replaced individually if any get damaged.


In amongst our waterproof range are also a select few rigid PVC vertical blinds. Solid PVC louvres rather than a flexible fabric, they’re super sleek and contemporary, with no weights or chains at the bottom to tempt playful pets!


For a closer look at the products in our waterproof range, check out the videos below…



Faux Wood Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

PVC Roller Blinds

PVC Vertical Blinds

Rigid Vertical Blinds

Does Your Kitchen Get Chilly?


Exterior walls, laminate or tile floors, heat reflecting white goods – some kitchens can be positively icy, no matter the weather outside. One of the hotspots for heat loss (sorry) is that window, with all that toasty warmth pouring out through the cold glass, so the right window dressing can work wonders – and save a little on your energy bills!


Above: Our DuoShade Limoncello Thermal Blind


The ultimate energy-saver in our range just has to be our collection of pleated blinds. The fabric is made from hexagonal pockets that trap air, preventing some of the heat from escaping through the window. They’re also some of the most versatile and clever little blinds in our range, with a huge variety of styles and operating systems:


DuoLight fabrics trap the air while filtering the light, for insulation against the cold without loss of brightness. Our DuoShade fabrics meanwhile – the most thermally efficient fabrics in our collection – have a special foil lining inside their pleats that maximises their thermal benefit and makes them blackout at the same time. Both the DuoLight and DuoShade types are available in corded, cordless or ‘top down/bottom up’ designs.


Meanwhile our Night & Day Duo pleated blinds give you the best of both worlds, with half light-filtering and half blackout fabric, so you can filter or block the light as much as you please.


Above: Our Choices Cardigan Stripe Stone Roller Blind


Something a little more classic? A slimline and simple roller blind remains a hugely popular choice among our customers and the range of fabrics and linings available means there’s a roller to suit almost every purpose. Take our thermal range, backed with a reflective lining that reflects escaping energy back into the room for warmth in chilly weather, and reflects incoming energy from the sun to keep things cool in winter.


The range is packed with a combination of rollers that have a thermal backing integrated, or come with the option of a thermal lining bonded to the back, with a huge variety of patterns, colours, textures and designs.


Above: Our Thermatex Natural Vertical Blind


Need a large window covered with something thermally efficient, or looking for that sleek, streamlined and modern look?


Our Thermatex vertical blinds are coated on the reverse with a reflective lining that, just like our thermal roller blinds, creates a barrier to energy both entering and escaping the room. They’re especially great if you have a large patio door leading out of the kitchen that needs a practical covering.


You can check out their thermal credentials right here.


For a closer look at the thermal blinds listed above, check out these handy videos…


DuoLight Pleated Blinds:

Standard     |     Cordless    |     Top Down/Bottom Up

DuoShade Pleated Blinds:

Standard     |     Cordless    |     Top Down/Bottom Up

Night & Day Duo Pleated Blinds

Thermal Roller Blinds

Enjoying the View?


Maybe the view out through your kitchen window is so beautiful you don’t want the window covered at all – but if you’re overlooked then it can feel like you’re in a fishbowl.


If you feel like you’re forced to choose between your view and your privacy then fear not! We’ve got a range of solutions that either let you see out but not in, or cover just the right part of the window to keep you private without losing any light.


Above: Our Cordes Cotton Roller Blind


As a sleek and stylish alternative to nets, our sheer roller blind collection perfect. During the day you can enjoy the view outside, but the sheer fabric masks the window so that people can’t see in until you put the lights on. With a variety of colours and textures to choose from they’re a versatile bunch too.


Above: Our Oculus Linen Magic Screen Roller Blind


Similar to our Serenity Voile roller blinds at first glance, our Magic Screen rollers have a couple of neat tricks up their sleeves too.


Most importantly for the kitchen, they’re 100% waterproof, so splashes and sprays won’t be a problem. They also have a special UV protection coating that helps to stop other items in the room from fading. That’s because, whilst they’re a touch less translucent than a normal voile, they still allow almost all that brightness through from outside.


Above: Our Enjoy Dimout Silver Roller Blind


If you want the view and brightness you can only get with a voile, but you need a little evening privacy too, then we’ve got a great collection of ‘Night & Day’ style blinds that give you the best of both worlds.


Like our Enjoy roller blinds, for example. The fabric is made of alternating bands of sheer and opaque fabric, fixed to the roller tube in such a way that it forms a double layer. As the blind rolls up and down, the bands of material in the front layer move up or down too, allowing you to arrange the fabric so that you can either see between the bands of fabric or you can’t. All that versatility and it’s no less simple to control than any other roller blind, and thoroughly modern-looking at the same time!


Above: Our Double Roller Pebble Blind


Another of our ‘Day & Night’ solutions is our chic selection of double roller blinds.


The special brackets used to mount these blinds house two rollers, one behind the other, and we’ve created a range that combines the brightness of a Magic Screen roller at the back, with the shading and nighttime privacy of a blackout blind in front.


Above: Our Night & Day Duo Voile Sky Pleated Blinds


Remember those Night & Day pleated blinds we mentioned before? Well in amongst those strikingly modern blinds are just a few that are fully Yin-Yang, Our Night & Day Duo Voile pleated blinds.


Slimline, sleek, clever, modern, versatile, stylish, these really are the best of the best-of-both! The top half is a chic sheer version of the honeycomb fabric, allowing every scrap of light through from outside and a great view through the window. Come evening, the pull of a cord will raise the bottom half of the blind, stacking the voile fabric above it as it goes and covering the window with the ultimate thermal blanket of a DuoShade fabric, blackout too for total privacy, even with the lights on.


Follow these links for some closer-look videos on all of our voile blinds…


Serenity Voile Roller Blinds

Magic Screen Roller Blinds

Enjoy Roller Blinds

Night & Day Duo Blinds


So, if you’re planning a makeover, renovation or just want a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a fresh look, we hope the above has given you some ideas.


Next in this post series we’ll be looking at the second most popular space to renovate, the bathroom!

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