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Q&A with Clarissa Hulse: Inspiration Behind the New Collection


We have recently launched a new collection of beautiful Blinds and Curtains with Clarissa Hulse! Renowned for her botanical prints, vibrant use of colour and statement patterns, we’ve added 6 new designs to the existing range, so you can bring Clarissa’s designer style to your home with ease!

We chatted to Clarissa to find out more about the design process and inspiration behind these stunning new designs…

What’s the inspiration behind this collection?

This collection takes inspiration from plants collected on various walks I have had in the UK and on holidays in far flung destinations. From Sea Kelp Forests in South Africa to exploring the Wiltshire countryside, I love collecting beautiful pieces.

Do you have a favourite design?

I do love the simplicity of the Goosegrass design, I love the way stems weave their way up the design in an asymmetrical way. I feel this design almost has a Japanese quality to it.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I am inspired by nature from wherever I see it, be it a lone weed or an exotic trip to the Cloud Forests in Costa Rica. Nature is infinitely inspiring as every season brings new discoveries. I think Autumn has to be my favourite time of year as seedheads create sculptural beauty and also the colours of the leaves changing is something that I will never tire of.

What draws you to colour and the natural environment?

My mother was a really keen gardener and when I was tiny she would plonk me in the flower bed whilst she weeded the garden. She would talk to me all the time and taught me the proper names for plants. This has resonated with me and I do the exact same thing to my children now!

What is your design process?

Whilst I am walking around the countryside I take 100’s of photographs and pick any stalks that I find particularly interesting. I either press them carefully, or take them right back to my studio where I will take photos of them from every angle.

We then either use the photo as it is, or we may end up combining it with some hand drawing, and putting it into the computer to play around, creating patterns.

We usually create a silk screen of the motif and I experiment with lots of hand printed ideas. This can sometimes be combined with a bit of hand painting. I still prefer designing using old fashioned painting and drawing than doing everything on the computer.

What have you enjoyed most about creating this collection? 

The most exciting part for me is always when we see our designs come into real life on actual products. Seeing the first samples that Blinds 2go have made, and also seeing them up in rooms in the photography was really satisfying.

My mission is to inspire people to see the beauty in nature, and to bring it into their homes, so seeing this makes my job complete.

What’s a recent trend that you love?

I am just loving the trend for earthy colours, which might be a surprise as I am known for my bold colours usually! I was a child of the 80’s when there was a trend for terracotta walls so maybe that is partly why, but now the look is for more washed out hues, mixed with olive greens and mustards.

Shop the new Clarissa Hulse collection of Blinds and Curtains to find your new window dressing, ensuring to uplift any space with beautiful colours and luxurious patterns.