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Patterned Roller Blinds

Need a quick change of style? Are you redecorating often? Patterned Roller Blinds are perfect if you’re looking to add a new decorative item to your home. And on top of their great look, they’re practical, easy to maintain and provide excellent shade. With our vast collection of styles, you can be sure to find your perfect made-to-measure match.

If you’re considering a house refresh, patterned Roller Blinds are a quick, easy and comparatively cost-friendly way to change the look and feel of a room. Florals, stripes, checks or swirls – there’s everything from the classic to the contemporary in bright, bold and vivid colours. Here’s the edit of our bestselling patterned Roller Blinds. 

Ideal Home Chinoiserie Duck Egg Roller Blind

Botanical feels

Flowers and leaves are one of the most popular patterns when it comes to Roller Blinds, and we’re not surprised. Botanical Rollers are a quick way of bringing the outside in and creating a calming, natural space.

Leilani Morning Mist Roller Blind

Our collection of botanical Roller Blinds features over 270 styles and colours, including designs from the most renowned British designers. From delicate, minimalistic compositions to bold and surreal gardens of wonderland – the final feel is entirely up to you. Butterflies, grasses, exotic plants, local flowers – you name it, we got it. 

Checks and Stripes

Eternal patterns, such as checks and stripes, are among other most popular of our ready-made Roller Blinds. Versatile and perfect in any scheme, classic stripes and checks will add a pop of pattern to your interior. 

Choices Twill Stripe Linen Ribbon Blue Roller Blind

Geometric lines and shapes

Painterly geometric patterns such as lines, hexagons, points and squares, available in various colours, are always on trend. Geometric Roller Blinds are modern and versatile and they’re easy to use in many different styles. Whether you’re redecorating or adding to your decor, a roller blind might be what you need to start. 

Patterned Roller Blinds

Patterned Roller Blinds for children

Patterned blinds are a great way of adding an element of fun to your little one’s bedroom. Children’s Roller Blinds not only look joyful but keep your children sleep undisturbed (you can upgrade for a free blackout lining) and their rooms private and safe. 

Celeste Midnight Roller Blind

Our long-lasting Roller Blinds made of resistant polyester fabric are easy to clean. Use a damp cloth or baby wipes to clean them thoroughly and remove any marks, stains or greasy fingerprints. For more tips on cleaning Roller Blinds, read our detailed cleaning guide

Drifting Skies Blackout Roller Blind

The benefits of Roller Blinds

Our collection of made-to-measure Roller Blinds features hundreds of patterns to suit any style. They’re visually appealing and add a finishing touch to your windows. Made of durable material, they’re practical to use and easy to clean. Ready-made Roller Blinds give you the benefits of luxuriously soft fabrics with the option of thermal, blackout and light-filtering linings to suit your needs. 

Clarissa Hulse Watercolour Stripe Teal Roller Blind

All our Roller Blinds are made to measure at incredible prices. Order your free samples today!