How To Get More Light Into Your Home

This might sound counter-intuitive coming from a company that sells blinds but letting light into your home is really a good thing! As well as all that science-y stuff about serotonin and vitamin D making you feel extra chipper, a good source of natural light means less money spent on […]

New Designs and How To Use Them

We’re always busy scouring the world for great designs to turn into blinds – our head of design is one well-travelled lady. Just in time for summer she’s back with an influx of jaw-dropping new fabrics for you to enjoy. Among them is a collection of beautifully eclectic designs. However, […]

Hot Off The Press: Featureless to Fabulous

Don’t worry, this is the last time we’re visiting Your Home magazine this month. It’s been an epic issue for us, with a total of 4 articles featuring our blinds, as well as the gorgeous Splash Gulls advert. And we haven’t even touched on any other of this month’s magazines […]

Hot Off The TV: George Clarke’s Old House, New Home

It’s been a fair few years since we were last on the telly (other than with our advert), but last week we received some very exciting news. The house makeover featured in episode 3 of George Clarke’s ‘Old House, New Home’ had chosen one of our blinds as part of […]

Hot Off The Press: Problem Solved

Last week we explored the coastal chic look from the July issue of Your Home magazine and if you have a copy, on the double spread before you’ll know there’s a lovely kitchen makeover from Jo MacFarlane. We love seeing makeovers like Jo’s because it makes us remember that sometimes […]

Your Style: How To Style Roman Blinds

After the great response to our post on our customers’ own homes featuring white wooden blinds, we’ve scoured our instagram page for more photos that inspire, this time showcasing the best of our roman blind collection. The hardest part was picking which were our favourites to share. You guys are […]

Hot Off The Press: Coastal Chic

It’s a right ol’ busy month in the magazines this month, we could barely decide where to begin. You can find us in HomeStyle, Good Homes, Style at Home and Your Home. Today, we take a look into Your Home, where we have three features focusing on our products. A […]

Summer of Sports; Enjoy The Action

Last week we shared with you a neat trick to creating a large screen for the footy matches (if you missed it, you can check it our here), but if you’re not the sociable sort, then why not stay┬áindoors and stick your feet up on the sofa? But that has […]

Hot Off The Press: The Perfect Bathroom Blinds

It’s nearly summer and for many of us, that means using the bathroom a bit more than usual. We’re drinking more to keep hydrated, have to dry off after a water fight and take umpteen showers just to stop feeling yucky. And with all of that extra use, our bathrooms […]

Summer of Sports; Get Ready For the Action

This weekend kicks off a very exciting summer of sports. There’s the Euros in France, Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix and of course the Olympic Games in Rio, and that’s just the start. But how will you be spending your time watching them? A whole football team worth of fans […]